Michael Johnson reveals why track and field future could be bleak

Michael Johnson reveals why track and field future could be bleak

Mark Kinyanjui 21:22 - 10.04.2024

American sprint legend Michael Johnson has revealed why he is worried the future of track and field could be in jeopardy following the country's withdrawal from the U-20 World Championships

American track and field legend Michael Johnson has voiced concerns about the future of the sport following the decision by the USA to withdraw its U-20 team from this year's World Athletics Championships.

 The event, scheduled to take place in Lima, Peru from August 26th to 31st, has been impacted by the United States' absence, citing reasons such as safety concerns, the event date, and competitive readiness.

Johnson took to his X page to express his apprehensions, highlighting the broader implications of such withdrawals on the sport's global landscape. He emphasized that this move raises questions about the viability of the current model for track and field championships worldwide.

"Is the track & field global champs model in trouble?" Johnson pondered, expressing his worry about the trend of major events facing challenges due to similar concerns. 

He pointed to various examples, including the United Kingdom sending fewer athletes to championships, the inability to find a host for the Commonwealth Games, and the stripping of the 2027 Pan American Games from Colombia.

Johnson also noted the precarious situation surrounding the 2026 Birmingham European Championship , which were considered safe to take place but had encountered financial problems.

 These developments underscore a growing uncertainty surrounding the future of track and field competitions globally.

The decision by the USA not to send its U-20 team to the World Athletics Championships adds to the list of challenges facing the sport.

 With several major events slated to take place over the next three years, concerns over safety, event dates, and competitive readiness loom large, casting a shadow over the future of track and field on the international stage.

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