Michael Johnson, Asafa Powell make bold statements on Bolt's 100m and 200m word records

Michael Johnson, Asafa Powell make bold statements on Bolt's 100m and 200m word records

Festus Chuma 08:00 - 26.03.2024

Michael Johnson and Asafa Powell have discussed the enduring legacy of Usain Bolt's 100m and 200m world records.

American sprint icon Michael Johnson has concurred with Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell’s assessment that Usain Bolt’s staggering 100m world record of 9.58 seconds, set at the 2009 IAAF World Championships, is unlikely to be broken anytime soon. 

This extraordinary feat, achieved by the Jamaican legend, has stood as the pinnacle of sprinting performance, challenging athletes worldwide to reach new heights.

In an era where sprinting records are closely watched and fiercely contested, the conversation around these records remains a topic of immense interest. 

Powell, in his perspective, shared that while the 100m record seems secure, the 200m record held by Bolt might be within reach. 

"The only record I see possibly someone going close to is maybe the 200m…I personally think Usain could have run faster in the 200m. In the 100m, that’s it. 9.58 is going to be there for a very, very, very long time," Powell remarked during an interview.

Echoing Powell’s sentiments, Johnson took to social media to express his agreement.

 "100% agree. The 200 could be broken in the next few years. The 100 is going to be a really long time!," Johnson tweeted, highlighting the enduring nature of Bolt’s 100m record and the potential vulnerability of the 200m mark.

Usain Bolt's journey to setting the world record in 100m is nothing short of legendary. 

Initially seizing the record in 2008 with a time of 9.72 seconds at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York, Bolt shattered expectations and records alike. 

His performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where he clocked in at 9.69 seconds, not only earned him a gold medal but also set a new standard for speed. 

The zenith of his achievements came in 2009 at the World Championships, where he further lowered his record to the current standing of 9.58 seconds, a time untouched to this day.

Similarly, Bolt's domination extended to the 200m, where his record-breaking time of 19.19 seconds at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin marked a pinnacle in sprinting history.

Surpassing his own previous record of 19.30 seconds set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Bolt challenged the limits of human speed. 

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