Kishane Thompson sends warning to rivals after Jamaican Olympic trials ecstatic run


Kishane Thompson sends warning to rivals after Jamaican Olympic trials ecstatic run

Abigael Wafula 10:14 - 30.06.2024

Despite his electrifying run at the Jamaican Olympic trials, Kishane Thompson has disclosed he still has some things to work on before the Olympic Games, sending warning shots at his rivals.

Jamaican wunderkind Kishane Thompson has sent a stark warning to his opponents following his explosive start to the season at the Jamaican trials at the National Stadium in Kingston.

Thompson started his Olympic campaign with a 9.82 win in the preliminaries before winning the semifinal in a time of 9.84. The 22-year-old was not done as he shut down the stadium in the final, clocking a world leading time of 9.77 to qualify for the Olympic Games.

In a post-race interview, the Jamaican sprinter noted that he believes in his abilities and explained that he does not believe in complacency. He observed that from the trials, he still has a lot to work on ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games where the main aim will be to win the coveted gold medal.

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“I was playing catch up something in some sort and I was trying to adjust and go at the same time. It’s kind of all new to me but I’m getting it slowly,” he said.

“Actually, I know what I’m capable of and if I do something that person who says look you are great and I understand it but I don’t really believe in being complacent. I always look past that job as though it’s done and move on.”

Thompson added that at the trials, his main goal was to try and execute the first 60m and see how things turned out, following instructions from his coach.

His main goal was to finish in the podium bracket and earn a slot to the Olympics and he was proud to have achieved that with further accolades like being the fastest man in the world in 2024.

“Team Francis my coach instructed me just to run the first 60m nothing more, after that, shut it down if I came second or third, I made the team,” he said.

“The goal wasn’t to prove anything, it was just to run a 70m or 60m and see where I’m at. Honestly, I have a lot to improve on in terms of physically and mentally."