Kenny Bednarek, Noah Lyles react to Michael Johnson's newly-launched Grand Slam Track League

Kenny Bednarek, Noah Lyles react to Michael Johnson's newly-launched Grand Slam Track League

Abigael Wafula 12:46 - 23.06.2024

Kenny Bednarek and Noah Lyles have voiced their opinion on what they think about Michael Johnson's Grand Slam Track.

Olympic Games silver medallist Kenny Bednarek and triple world champion Noah Lyles have embraced Michael Johnson’s newly-launched Grand Slam Track League that aims to promote the sport.

The track league offers about Ksh 13 million ($100,000) in prize money and if an athlete wins all four events in the course of a season, they are eligible to earn Ksh 51.7 million ($400,000).

Athletes who finish second and third will pocket Ksh 6.5 million and Ksh 3.9 million with the athletes who finish fourth and fifth earning Ksh 3.2 million and Ksh 2.6 million.

The sixth-place finishers and seventh-place finishers will walk away with Ksh 1.9 million and Ksh 1.6 million. The athletes who finish eighth will pocket Ksh 1.3 million.

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Lyles, the triple world champion, noted that the event will be offering jobs to athletes and paying them, a great initiative to take the sport forward. He added that not everyone can get a Diamond League race and having the league is a plus for many great athletes.

“I do like a lot of what it’s doing and I like the getting rid of bibs part and I also like the fact that there will be paid salaries for people who will be participating throughout the whole thing, I like that idea. It’s almost like giving a job to the athletes who need that job since not everybody can to the Diamond League,” Liles said.

Meanwhile, Bednarek also expressed interest in being a part of the athletes who will be signed in the league, explaining that it is a unique thing and an avenue for athletes to make money.

He admitted that many people would complain of the low prize money but he insisted that it’s great to have new initiatives coming up for athletes. Given a chance, Bednarek would not mind joining the league and competing against other top sprinters.

“I like it. I mean, some people are going to say the money is not that big, but it’s great to have something new coming for us athletes.

“We have the Diamond Leagues, which is great, but I feel like we always need a competitor to up the level of everything. I think it’s just a great opportunity. I’m glad he did it. If I can be put in that area then I’ll do it. If everything comes together and it’s a no brainer to do it, then I’ll do it, why not,” Bednarek added.