Mike Tyson beats up a plane passenger

SPORTS GIST Mike Tyson beats up a plane passenger

Tunde Young 10:00 - 21.04.2022

Legendary retired boxer Mike Tyson was caught on camera raining down multiple punches on a plane passenger.

Several videos circulating the internet reveal Mike Tyson repeatedly punching down on an unidentified passenger on a plane.

Tyson was reportedly set to fly out of San Francisco International Airport to Florida when the incident happened in front of multiple witnesses.

Witnesses on the plane recant the scenario leading up to the incident, stating that Tyson was nice courteous to everyone until he kept getting repeatedly harassed by the passenger.

According to TMZ, the witness tells that Mike Tyson took a selfie with the man in question and then was patient with him despite the fact that he kept trying to talk to the 55-year-old fighter as he sat behind him.

Mike Tyson had enough of the guy behind him talking in his ear ... and told him to chill. When the guy didn't, that's when Tyson started to throw several punches at the man's face which was caught on camera.

The witness says Mike Tyson walked off the plane a few seconds after the incident and didn’t eventually fly with them.

The man on the receiving end of the punches was left bloodied and needing medical attention as you would expect anyone punched by Mike Tyson to be.

The obvious lesson here for regular people is to not harass or disturb Mike Tyson, it should go without saying that you shouldn’t annoy one of the strongest men in the world but that guy learnt it the hard way.