Kakamega Homeboyz FC boss goes hammer and tongs at Khalwale over Ikolomani tragedy


SPORTS GIST Kakamega Homeboyz FC boss goes hammer and tongs at Khalwale over Ikolomani tragedy

10:30 - 30.01.2024

Kakamega Homeboyz boss demands investigation into caretaker's death allegedly involving Senator Khalwale's bull 'Inasio' named after a famous footballer.

Kakamega Homeboyz FC boss Cleophas Shimanyula is urging law enforcement to conduct a thorough investigation into a perplexing and tragic incident involving the the caretaker of renowned fighting bull Inasio, named after the famous footballer Gonçalo Bernardo Inácio.

The bull, a formidable champion in the bullfighting arena, has found itself at the center of a controversial death of its caretaker.

Inasio, a five-year-old bull weighing 120kg, recently clinched the title of reigning bullfighting champion at a contest in Ikolomani on January 1, 2024. 

The lifeless body of Kizito Moi, the bull’s caretaker, was found with severe injuries in multiple areas, including the neck, stomach, back, head, and buttocks, with fingers pointing at the fighter bull as the culprit. The bull was consequently put down.

Shimanyula, known for his forthright opinions, has raised serious questions about the circumstances surrounding Moi’s death.

In a bold statement, he accused Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, the owner of the bull, of possibly being involved in Moi's death.

"He has been claiming in the media and on online platforms that the bull killed the worker. However, there are reports, which I can't confirm as true, that Khalwalwe murdered the worker," Shimanyula told reporters.

Shimanyula urged the police to investigate these allegations thoroughly, hinting at a possible love triangle as a motive.

Senator Khalwale, shocked by these allegations, recounted the events leading to the discovery of Moi’s body.

 “My farm has two sides – the dairy part and the bull. The deceased was purely working on the side of the bull – training it and taking care of its wellbeing. In the morning, he failed to report to work and everybody got concerned. My wife asked his colleagues to check on him from his house. But while they were heading to the house, they checked in the bull’s den and that is when they discovered his body lying in a pool of blood,” Khalwale explained on NTV.

The incident has sent ripples of shock and fear through the bullfighting community in Western Kenya, particularly in the Shinyalu and Ikolomani constituencies of Kakamega County, where bullfighting is not just a sport but a cultural tradition. 

In a region where thousands gather at Malinya Stadium to witness the fierce battles between bulls, this incident has raised questions about safety and the ethics of the sport. 

The cultural traditions of the Idakho and Isukha sub-tribes, which dictate the sharing of a harmful bull's body parts while it is still alive, further complicate the situation.

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