KCB plans turbocharged return to Kenya National Rally Championship

MOTORSPORTS KCB plans turbocharged return to Kenya National Rally Championship

Festus Chuma 18:24 - 14.02.2024

Plans are underway for KCB to reignite its sponsorship of the Kenya National Rally Championship, which has failed to attract sponsorship in the last two editions.

KCB Bank is gearing up to make a grand re-entrance as the title sponsor of the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC).

This move comes after a two-year hiatus, during which the KNRC navigated through challenging times without a title sponsor following the withdrawal of KCB Bank and East African Breweries Limited (EABL).

The KNRC, a cornerstone of Kenyan motorsports, has experienced a downturn in driver participation at its apex events, attributed to economic challenges. 

However, the overall landscape of motorsports in Kenya tells a different story—one of resilience and expansion. From 2015 to 2023, motorsports disciplines have surged from five to 16, marking a growth of 31.25 percent. Simultaneously, the number of motorsport activities has increased from 36 to 43, an uplift of 8.3 percent.

"I still believe we have a golden opportunity to work with the chairman (KMSF) so as to get the Kenya National Rally Championship back on track. Even the drivers we are sponsoring have come from that event. Losing KNRC is not something good," stated Paul Russo, KCB Group CEO.

Amidst this resurgence in motorsports sponsorship, KCB is also launching the Gurumisha na KCB Promotion, a deposit campaign designed to reward loyal customers.

 The promotion focuses on encouraging savings and offers KCB customers the chance to win prizes of up to Kshs 500,000 weekly.

 This initiative reflects the bank's broader strategy to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact in the communities it serves.

Meanwhile, a strategic move to enhance the experience for participants and fans alike, the organizers have introduced significant changes to the Safari Rally, sponsored by KCB. 

The event has been rescheduled from its usual June slot to the Easter weekend, aiming to return the rally to its "original soul," with a focus on firm experience and security. 

Additionally, the starting point has been moved from Uhuru Park to KICC, and the prize-giving venue will now be at Hell’s Gate in Naivasha. These changes are expected to breathe new life into the rally and attract a wider audience.

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