Zambia becomes third African country to implement VAR

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FOOTBALL Zambia becomes third African country to implement VAR

Joel Omotto 16:16 - 27.05.2023

The Football Association of Zambia will roll out the technology during Saturday's Cup final between MUZA and Forest Rangers.

Zambia will become the third country in Africa to use Video Assistant Referee (VAR) after the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) confirmed that the technology will be employed during the ABSA Cup final between MUZA and Forest Rangers on Saturday.

The two sides will clash at the Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka and FAZ feels it is time to see how best the technology can work after a number of trials behind the scene as they look to roll it out slowly.

“We have been working in the background to see how we can try out the VAR,” FAZ president Andrew Kamanga confirmed the development during the COSAFA Annual General Meeting in South Africa following the approval by FIFA and CAF.

“An announcement was made sometime back about VAR. In the last one month, we have been working very closely with FIFA and CAF to try and see if we can showcase VAR at the ABSA Cup final.

“Still early days but if it will work we will see because ultimately, this is technology that we need to have to be able to minimise the issues of errors in referees and the complaints around match officiating.”

Football stakeholders in Zambia have welcomed the move, terming it a game changer in football in the country as they feel it will go a long way in minimising errors during officiating after several complaints.

Zambia will join Morocco and Egypt as the African countries that have implemented VAR in their respective leagues with the two North African nations doing it two years ago.

A number of African countries have shied away from the technology, owing to its high cost, plus the fact that the continent still lacks proper structures that would allow it to function well.

CAF, however, rolled out the technology in its competitions in 2019, starting with that year’s Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt and it is now being used in all international and club competitions in Africa.