Why Oliech wants Harambee Stars to play friendly matches against France and Germany

FOOTBALL Why Oliech wants Harambee Stars to play friendly matches against France and Germany

Mark Kinyanjui 07:00 - 24.10.2023

Oliech has revealed the reason Harambee Stars should play friendlies against France and Germany.

Former Harambee Stars captain Dennis Oliech believes Kenya should play friendly matches against top nations like France and Germany after managing to stage games against Qatar and Russia earlier this year.

Oliech is a big fan of the initiative by FKF to expose Kenya to such high profile friendlies, saying that Harambee Stars would be in the top 40 or 50 worldwide if they had been taking part in such games as early as from 10 years ago, which would have opened more doors for the players to play in major European Leagues.

The former speedstar, who scored 34 goals in 78 caps for Kenya, spent 10 years playing for different clubs in France, and believes that more friendly matches against high profile nations will expose the current players to being spotted by European scouts.

“We need now (to face France),” Oliech said, “ But I am happy they are getting a lot of friendlies because in our days, we never had enough competitive friendly matches,” he added.

“We did not have any friendlies in our days. The federation has done something meaningful. In terms of local football, they have underwhelmed but in terms of international preparations for the national team, they have done a good job.

“If the federation had been doing this for the last 10 years, Harambee Stars probably would be even in 40th or 50th place in the FIFA rankings by now.

“We would be having many players playing in England. Apart from Wanyama, we did not have anyone else because of our ranking but if we keep on like this, we will be better.

“We should seek friendlies against nations like France or Germany.”

Oliech has always championed for European scouts to tap into the vast potential of East Africa.

“It has nothing to do with physique or similar, it has all to do with a lack of exposure,” he said as quoted by DW back in 2022.

“East Africa is a virgin field for scouts and there is a lot of untapped talent.”