Tusker demand millions from Gor Mahia for defender Levin Odhiambo

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FOOTBALL Tusker demand millions from Gor Mahia for defender Levin Odhiambo

Festus Chuma 12:00 - 24.01.2024

Debate surges over Tusker FC's valuation of defender Levin Odhiambo questioning financial prudence in Gor Mahia's potential high-stakes acquisition.

With the FKF Premier League no longer being one of the top-paying soccer leagues in the region a fascinating debate has emerged around the valuation of players particularly that of Tusker FC's left-back Levin Odhiambo.

The league, offering Ksh 5 million for the championship and a CAF Champions League spot, raises questions about the financial prudence of valuing a player at a figure close to the league's top prize.

Levin Odhiambo, according to sources, is valued at Ksh 3 million a figure more than half of what the league will be paying to its champions at the end of the season.

This valuation has attracted considerable attention, especially with Gor Mahia expressing interest in acquiring Odhiambo as a free agent at the end of the season.

The situation leads to a critical question: Is Odhiambo, affectionately known as 'Leftie,' genuinely worth more than the highest paying domestic competition in Africa?

Surprisingly, Odhiambo does not boast a gold or silver medal to his name, which further complicates the justification of his high price tag.

Clubs interested in Odhiambo might find themselves at a crossroads, weighing the option of investing in a single player versus channeling funds into developmental academies, which hold the potential to nurture future talent for the nation.

Sally Bolo, former Gor Mahia treasurer, has expressed her skepticism about the hefty fee demanded for Odhiambo.

"Why the hefty fee for a player who is a free agent? This boy is not on the national team; how did Tusker reach this value?" she questioned, highlighting the conundrum faced by clubs considering Odhiambo's acquisition.

Bolo also pointed out the Bosman Rule, under which Odhiambo can sign a pre-contract with a potential club, making Tusker's high asking price even more perplexing.

Tusker FC acquired Odhiambo from Mathare United on a one-year deal for a fee believed to be less than one hundred thousand Kenyan shillings, having previously played for Wazito FC.

The club's valuation of Odhiambo, therefore, raises questions about their transfer policy and the implications it might have on the player's confidence and form.

The case of David Majak, a friend and former teammate of Odhiambo, serves as a cautionary tale. Majak, who also garnered interest from local and international clubs, experienced a challenging phase in his career when Tusker showed reluctance in releasing him, leading to his eventual departure by mutual consent.

As the debate continues, it is clear that the issue transcends Odhiambo's individual value. It touches on broader themes in Kenyan football, such as the balance between nurturing homegrown talent and the financial realities of the sport.

The decision to invest heavily in a single player, especially one without a significant track record in international or national teams, poses a risky venture for any club.

Gor Mahia, in considering Odhiambo, must weigh the potential benefits against the financial risks.

The club's decision will not only impact its immediate financial health but also set a precedent in the league for player valuations.

As the saga unfolds, the football community eagerly awaits to see if Odhiambo will indeed become a golden asset for Gor Mahia or if the club will decide that the financial gamble is too great a risk to take. 

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