Shabana unveil plan to salvage season in January transfer window

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FKFPL Shabana unveil plan to salvage season in January transfer window

Festus Chuma 17:41 - 23.12.2023

Shabana FC secretary general Elizaphan Kerama has vowed to revamp their squad in the mid-season transfer window.

Shabana FC secretary general Elizaphan Kerama has declared the club's intention to bolster their squad during the upcoming mid-season transfer window, which runs from January 8 to February 8, 2024.

With just two weeks remaining before the window opens, the club is eager to identify potential targets to turn their season around.

In the wake of a disappointing 1-0 loss to Bidco United, Shabana finds themselves languishing in 16th place on the table.

However, Kerama remains steadfast in his commitment to address the team's challenges by reinforcing the squad in January.

"The easy thing to do at this time is to point fingers, blame me, or blame the technical bench or the players or even the management," Kerama stated candidly, acknowledging the frustrations surrounding the club's current performance.

"We can all point fingers, but it won't do any good. What we need to do is remain united and trust that come January, we will beef up the squad and salvage the season," he added.

One of the players on Shabana's radar for the mid-season transfer window is Mara Sugar's forward, Philemon Nyakwaka.

Nyakwaka has been a standout performer in the National Super League (NSL) with Mara, finding the back of the net 14 times and attracting interest from several top-flight clubs.

Shabana's recruitment in the pre-season has faced criticism, with some attributing their current struggles to the quality of players brought in.

However, Kerama stressed the importance of going for quality in the upcoming transfer window, aiming to make strategic acquisitions that will strengthen the team's overall performance.

As Shabana enter the Christmas break, the club's fans are hopeful that the mid-season transfer window will bring positive changes and inject fresh energy into the squad.

The window presents a crucial opportunity for the club to address their shortcomings and make strategic moves to climb the league standings.

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