Saif Alrubie :Football agent acquitted in high-profile court case over threatening email

Saif Alrubie :Football agent acquitted in high-profile court case over threatening email

Festus Chuma 17:28 - 29.04.2024

Football agent Saif Alrubie has been acquitted of threatening email charges in dispute over commissions from player transfer in high-profile court case.

Football agent Saif Alrubie was visibly moved to tears after being acquitted by a jury at Southwark Crown Court on charges of sending a threatening email to former Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia. 

The verdict which came just before 1 pm on Monday concluded a tense and closely-watched six-day trial.

Alrubie was seen bowing his head as the not-guilty verdict was announced by Judge David Tomlinson as per The Mirror.

 Following the acquittal, an emotional Alrubie hugged his associates and a family member in a poignant moment of relief and vindication.

The case centered around an email dated May 22, 2022, sent by Alrubie to Granovskaia concerning unpaid commissions purportedly owed to him from the transfer of Kurt Zouma from Chelsea to West Ham United in August 2021. 

The deal, worth £29.1 million (Ksh 4,921,428,375), included a £4.1 million (Ksh 693,397,125) severance payment to Zouma, with Alrubie claiming a £300,000 (Ksh 50,736,375.00)commission.

In the contentious email, Alrubie wrote, "I’m sure you’ve heard the story about your other friend Kia (Joorabchian) when he owed me money for a year and how he ended up paying it. Wouldn’t want you to be in the same situation just because you have a personal issue with me." 

This email was the basis of the charges against him, with Granovskaia testifying that she felt "physically threatened" by the message and subsequently increased her personal security.

During the trial, prominent figures from the football world, including agent Barry Silkman and the mentioned Kia Joorabchian—who was notably absent having flown to America before his scheduled appearance—were called to testify, adding a layer of celebrity intrigue to the proceedings.

Alrubie’s defense barrister, Matthew Steadman, argued passionately that his client was merely "fighting for his life" and seeking what he believed was rightfully owed to him. The jury ultimately sided with Alrubie, asking the judge about the legality of making a threat under reasonable grounds before delivering their verdict.

The Telegraph reports that Alrubie is expected to continue pursuing a civil case against Granovskaia for the unpaid commission a legal battle that he had indicated was already underway during last week's proceedings.

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