Rankings of best third placed teams in each group of Euro 2024

Rankings of best third placed teams in each group of Euro 2024

Eric Munene 16:00 - 22.06.2024

Here is a look at the third-place rankings as of Friday 21 June.

As Euro 2024 group stage action reaches its final round, the spotlight intensifies on the battle for qualification among the third-placed teams across the tournament.

Austria who are third in Group D leads the charge with three points, closely followed by Slovakia in Group E, also on three points but with a lesser goal difference. These teams are part of a pivotal group of third-placed finishers vying for advancement to the knockout stages.

In Group C, Slovenia stands as the third-best team with two points, keeping their hopes alive for progression.

Their resilience and strategic play have kept them in contention, poised to capitalize on any slip-ups from higher-ranked opponents.

Meanwhile, Group B sees Albania in the third position with one point, demonstrating tenacity despite challenging opposition.

Their quest for advancement remains alive, banking on results in the final matches to potentially secure a place in the next round.

Group A showcases Scotland also on one point but facing an uphill battle with a goal difference of -4. Their spirited performance against Switzerland have kept them in contention, awaiting results elsewhere to determine their fate in the tournament.

Adding to the intrigue, the Czech Republic, currently at the bottom of Group F without points, possesses a unique opportunity with two games yet to be played.

Their upcoming fixtures against Georgia holds the key to their chances of climbing the rankings and clinching a coveted third-place qualification.

The format of Euro 2024 allows the top four third-placed teams across all groups to advance to the knockout stages.

This rule injects an extra layer of intensity into the competition as teams strategize and push for crucial points in their final group matches.

As the tournament unfolds, all eyes remain on these teams on the cusp of progression, with every match result potentially reshaping the landscape of Euro 2024.