Mason Greenwood's redemption journey takes flight in La Liga spotlight

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FOOTBALL Mason Greenwood's redemption journey takes flight in La Liga spotlight

Festus Chuma 12:30 - 17.09.2023

Mason Greenwood begins career rebuild at Getafe, while Jude Bellingham's star rises at Real Madrid, leading to divergent paths."

Mason Greenwood, once hailed as one of England's brightest young talents, is ready to embark on a new chapter in his career at Getafe.

After a turbulent period with Manchester United, Greenwood has been included in Getafe's squad for their upcoming clash with Osasuna, marking the first step in his journey to "beginning to rebuild his career away from United."

Two years ago, Gareth Southgate, the manager of the English national team, spoke about the delicate balance of nurturing young talent.

"When we're talking about young player development, we've got to be really careful how we handle them and make sure that these are two players we think can be really exciting players for England for the future,” Southgate said.

However, Greenwood's path diverged dramatically from Bellingham's. Within five months, he found himself suspended by Manchester United after an arrest, while Bellingham continued to ascend towards superstardom. 

Now, these two exceptionally talented players from the same generation are in the same city but at opposite ends of the spectrum.

On Sunday at 3 pm, Greenwood is expected to make his debut for Getafe against Osasuna after being away from the pitch for 20 months. 

Meanwhile, 11 miles north, Bellingham will be the star attraction when Real Madrid hosts Real Sociedad. Bellingham's recent performances have been nothing short of spectacular, with him scoring in every game this season.

 There are even whispers of a potential Ballon d'Or push if Real wins the Champions League, and England performs well in the European Championship next summer.

Crucially, the 20-year-old Bellingham is embracing the intense spotlight at Real Madrid, a club known for manufacturing legends but also for its fickleness.

 Greenwood, if things go according to plan, will become Getafe's biggest star this season, but his performances may not command the same level of attention as Bellingham's in the long run, especially outside of Spain.

One of the significant factors behind Greenwood's choice to join Getafe was advice from none other than Bellingham himself, who recommended the Spanish league. 

Greenwood will be playing for a smaller club that is not involved in European competition, in a league that has seen its UK viewership decline since the Messi-Ronaldo era. Additionally, the league is mostly broadcast on a subscription channel that is looking to exit the UK market.

It is challenging to envision a swift return to the England squad for Greenwood, as a ceiling seems to have been placed on a career that initially appeared boundless.

 On the contrary, Bellingham's career is soaring to new heights, with his recent performance against Scotland only adding to the attention he's been receiving.

Gareth Southgate praised Bellingham's mentality, decision-making, and his ability to connect with older players in the dressing room. 

Notably, Southgate didn't downplay the possibility of Bellingham becoming England's next captain, stating, "The biggest thing for me is his personality. He's definitely got leadership qualities. The great thing in this group is our senior players are such good leaders, we've got six or seven who are incredible."

Southgate also emphasized the importance of the people one surrounds themselves with in life and noted Bellingham's ability to align himself with positive influences. He added, "I think his whole life and how his family have looked after him have given him a great start but there's still a lot to go."

As Mason Greenwood starts his journey of rebuilding his career in La Liga, the footballing world will be watching closely, wondering if he can recapture the promise that once made him a rising star. 

Meanwhile, Jude Bellingham's star continues to rise, with the possibility of greatness on the horizon.