Lionel Messi's son breaks the internet after scoring five goals for Inter Miami

Lionel Messi's son scored five goals for Inter Miami U-9s || Image credit: Barca Worldwide(X)/Marca

Lionel Messi's son breaks the internet after scoring five goals for Inter Miami

Faruq Ibrahim 23:38 - 14.04.2024

Lionel Messi's son Mateo's remarkable five-goal display for Inter Miami's Under-9s team, coupled with his emulation of his father's iconic celebration, highlights the bright future of the Messi football dynasty.

Lionel Messi's son Mateo is making waves in the football world as he showcased his talent by scoring five goals for Inter Miami's Under 9s team. The young prodigy not only displayed his skill on the pitch but also emulated one of his father's iconic celebrations, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

Mateo's Impressive Performance on the Field

Mateo Messi's exceptional performance for Inter Miami's Under 9s team has garnered significant attention after footage circulated showing the young talent scoring an incredible five goals in a single game.

Among his noteworthy goals was a well-executed free-kick, showcasing a glimpse of his inherited football prowess. The highlight of his performance came as he mirrored one of Lionel Messi's renowned celebrations by blowing a kiss after finding the back of the net.

Messi Family's Football Legacy Shines Through

The Messi family's footballing legacy continues to shine brightly with Mateo and his elder brother Thiago showcasing their skills on the field. Thiago's recent standout goal for his U12 team further solidifies the notion that talent runs deep in the Messi lineage.

As Lionel Messi excels with Inter Miami at the senior level, the next generation is already proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, with Mateo's stellar performance hinting at a promising future ahead.

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