Harambee Starlets striker Jentrix Shikangwa faces ordeal after relative is detained while collecting Golden Boot Award

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FOOTBALL Harambee Starlets striker Jentrix Shikangwa faces ordeal after relative is detained while collecting Golden Boot Award

Festus Chuma 13:00 - 28.06.2023

The talented striker has expressed mixed emotions as her in-law is detained by City County Enforcement Officers while collecting her prestigious Golden Boot award from a courier service.

Simba Queens and Harambee Starlets striker Jentrix Shikangwa on Tuesday found herself caught in a bittersweet moment as her remarkable achievements in the Tanzania Women's Premier League were overshadowed by an unexpected turn of events.

Despite being recently honoured with the prestigious Golden Boot award for her exceptional performance in the 2022-23 season, Shikangwa could not collect her well-deserved accolades personally.

Instead, she entrusted her in-law to retrieve the special award on her behalf, leading to an unforeseen ordeal.

In a heartfelt social media post, Shikangwa expressed her conflicting emotions, stating, "I am so happy and very sad at the same time. This month I was honoured to have received the golden boot award and featured among the best in the team of the season in the just-completed season of the Tanzania Women's Premier League, but I was not able to pick up my awards as I was working on some things."

Due to her commitments, Shikangwa opted to have the awards sent to her via courier. The parcel was dispatched through the renowned Tahmeed courier service, reaching its destination on June 27, 2023, around 12pm. 

Eager to lay her hands on the cherished trophies, Shikangwa requested her in-law to collect them from the courier company offices in Nairobi.

However, an unexpected twist unfolded during the journey back home as Shikangwa's in-law was detained by City County Enforcement officers, who apprehended him and subsequently transported him to Kamukunji Police Station, where he spent the night.

The bewildered striker received a call from the police, confirming her connection to the detained individual. 

She acknowledged the truth but was disheartened to learn that her in-law was still being held in custody. In an attempt to secure his release, Shikangwa shared her distressing situation, explaining, "I'm supposedly forced to travel tomorrow (Wednesday) at dusk so that my in-law may be released."

The puzzling circumstances have left Shikangwa contemplating whether she committed any offence by sending someone on her behalf to collect a parcel. 

Shikangwa's exceptional performance throughout the season earned her the coveted Tanzania Women's Premier League Golden Boot, with an impressive tally of 17 goals. 

Her prowess on the field and relentless dedication to the sport have made her attract the attention of several top clubs across the continent, including Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies.