Harambee Starlets' draw leaves fans frowning, but Sherly Angachi sends tongues wagging

FOOTBALL Harambee Starlets' draw leaves fans frowning, but Sherly Angachi sends tongues wagging

Festus Chuma 08:35 - 30.11.2023

Sheryl Angachi's buzzworthy hairstyle captivates fans despite Harambee Starlets' frustrating 1-1 draw in the Women Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

When Harambee Starlets head coach Beldine Odemba made two strategic substitutions in the first leg of the 2024 Women's Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Botswana on Wednesday, the spotlight unexpectedly shifted from the field to the sidelines.

The surprise was not about the tactical changes in the game but rather the drastic transformation in the appearance of one of the substituted players, Sheryl Angachi.

Simba SC midfielder Elizabeth Wambui was withdrawn from the pitch, paving the way for Janet Bundi, and Majoline Nekesa was replaced by none other than Sheryl Angachi.

It was at this moment that many fans in the stadium were left in awe as the announcer revealed the names of the incoming players.

Sheryl Angachi, known for her awe-inspiring and ever-changing hairstyles, had surprised everyone with her latest look – a clean-shaven head.

This dramatic change in her appearance raised questions among the spectators, leaving them puzzled as to whether this drastic transformation was of her own choosing or for some other reason.

As it turns out, the Ulinzi Starlets midfielder was currently undergoing training at the Recruit Training School (RTS) in Eldoret after enlisting in the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).

The recruits at RTS are known for their strict training regimen, which includes confinement to the training facility until they officially pass out.

In most cases, recruits at the RTS are not allowed to leave the premises for any reason until they complete their training. However, in a rare turn of events, Sheryl Angachi was granted a special exemption.

Inter-ministerial discussions and negotiations between the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Defense facilitated through the office of the Chief of Defense Forces General Francis Ogolla, paved the way for her temporary release to participate in the two-legged tie.

Despite leaked photos of her new look during the Starlets' camp, many fans were taken by surprise when they saw Sheryl Angachi on the pitch, her signature hairstyle now replaced by a clean-shaven head.

Social media was abuzz with comments and reactions as fans and followers of the sport tried to make sense of this unexpected twist.

On X (formerly Twitter), user SoccerFanKenya exclaimed, "Angachi's new look has taken us all by surprise! Who would have expected this?"

Meanwhile, Linda Ngozi commented: "Sheryl Angachi's hair may be gone, but her spirit remains as strong as ever. She's a force to be reckoned with on that field."

Over on Instagram, user SportsFanatic shared a before-and-after image of Angachi with the caption, "From fierce hairstyles to a fearless spirit on the pitch. That's Sheryl Angachi for you!"

However, despite the buzz surrounding her new look, Sheryl Angachi's appearance on the field could not change the outcome of the match.

Harambee Starlets were held to a 1-1 draw in the Women's Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

In the end, while Sheryl Angachi's decision to shave her head may have surprised and puzzled many, it also showcased her unwavering commitment to her team and her determination to represent her country, even under the most challenging circumstances.

As she returns to her military training, one thing is certain – Sheryl Angachi's unique journey and her unexpected hairstyle transformation will be a story that continues to captivate fans and followers of women's football in Kenya. 

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