Gor Mahia should not fire McKinstry - Okoth

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FKFPL Gor Mahia should not fire McKinstry - Okoth

Kiplagat Sang 09:00 - 25.06.2023

The retired footballer says the coach does not deserve to be sacked given what he has managed to achieve so far.

Former Gor Mahia forward Ronald Okoth has explained why he thinks the Football Kenya Federation Premier League side should not fire Johnathan McKinstry.

The North Irish tactician has been under pressure, especially when Gor Mahia failed to seal the title last Sunday against Kakamega Homeboyz.

The loss to Homeboyz and Tusker's 1-1 draw against Posta Rangers meant the season winner would be decided on the final matchday.

"Gor are still holding first place, even though by a thin margin, but fans are calling for their coach’s resignation. Taking up a job in any community club needs a lot of heart.

"Fans don’t exercise any patience. Makes it hard to even regularly give youthful players a shot," Okoth posted on his Twitter handle.

"I've said it time and time again: firing the coach after only one season in which he has brought them close to the title would be the most foolish decision from Gor.

"Unfortunately, I am afraid his goose is cooked, going by the recent videos and comments I have seen. What’s strange is that his team is still number one in the league with one last game to go, which is a must-win."

The former Sofapaka striker suggested a solution borrowed from how Tanzanian clubs are run.

"If only our big clubs were managed in a 49–51% manner just like Tanzania's, then all could be marvelous. If coaches were given time, irrespective of the first results in a season, then we could triumph up," he explained.

"Sadly, results are needed instantly in these big clubs. The ambition is always one: to win the league or play continental football; short of that, you are gone.

"The game can be crazy. Credit is given only to players when results are good, but all the blame goes to the coach when things don’t work out. It is surreal that they are topping the league, but fans want his neck. On my end, I think he has done well."

McKinstry has worked with a limited squad that many also view as the weakest team Gor Mahia have had since 2012.