Euro 2024: A look back at the mascots of previous European Football Championships

Euro 2024: A look back at the mascots of previous European Football Championships

Eric Munene 21:30 - 14.06.2024

Previous Mascots of the European Competition

From the whimsical to the iconic, mascots have played a pivotal role in shaping the identity and spirit of European Football Championships throughout the years.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of each tournament, these lovable characters not only capture our imaginations but also serve as ambassadors of unity, joy, and sporting excellence.

Join us on a journey through time as we look back into the endearing legacy of the mascots that have graced the stages of European football's most celebrated competitions.

1984: Peno

A white cockerel representing France, clad in the host nation's football kit, cleverly named after French slang for penalty.

1988: Berni

West Germany's mascot, Berni the rabbit, named after the city of Berne, where UEFA once resided and where Germany clinched the 1954 FIFA World Cup.

1992: Rabbit

Sweden's simple yet charming mascot, adorned in the national colors, aptly named "Rabbit."

1996: Goaliath

England's mascot, a regal lion in the national kit, reminiscent of the iconic World Cup Willie, bringing tradition back to the forefront.

2000: Benelucky

A whimsical blend of devil and lion, representing the unity of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, symbolizing the lucky charm of football glory.

2004: Kinas

Portugal's mascot, a boy with special powers, named after the blue shields on Portugal's coat of arms, showcasing his unique abilities through playful antics.

2008: Trix and Flix

The dynamic duo representing Austria and Switzerland, dressed in the colors of their respective flags, bringing double the excitement to the tournament stage.

2012: Slavek and Slavko

Twin mascots symbolizing unity and friendship across borders, representing the host nations, Poland and Ukraine, in their respective flag colors.

2016: Super Victor

France's superhero-inspired mascot, adorned in the national kit with a red cape symbolizing hope and inspiration for fans young and old.

2020: Skillzy

A freestyling sensation selected through a Europe-wide talent contest, embodying the dynamic spirit of modern football culture with dazzling tricks and flicks.

2024: Albart

Germany's lovable teddy bear mascot paying homage to the nation's rich heritage, promising to unite fans in celebration of the beautiful game.