Brazilian forward Gabriel banned for two years after attempting to defraud anti-doping body

Gabriel Barbosa alongside Neymar and Gabriel Jesus celebrate winning the Olympics | Imago

Brazilian forward Gabriel banned for two years after attempting to defraud anti-doping body

Ayoola Kelechi 12:13 - 26.03.2024

The Brazilian star was suspended due to his conduct during a surprise doping test in 2023

Brazilian forward Gabriel Barbosa was suspended for two years for anti-doping fraud. The trial, which began last week, was concluded on Monday by the Court of Sports Anti-Doping Justice (TJD-AD), in a session that lasted just over two hours.

Gabigol receives suspension

One of the reports of the complaint concerns the delay of the attacker to carry out the examination and the non-compliance with the instructions. Except for Gabigol, the players of Flamengo took the exam before 10 a.m. The case happened on April 8, 2023, in the Ninho do Urubu.

The Brazilian was charged with infringement of Article 122 of the Brazilian Anti-Doping Code, which refers to "fraud or attempted fraud of any part of the control process". The code provides for a suspension of up to four years in case of conviction. But the player took two years by prediction of penalty reduction in cases of "proof of exceptional circumstances".

Gabriel Barbosa and Neymar | Imago
Gabriel Barbosa and Neymar | Imago

Due to the anti-doping regulation, the penalty began to be valid from April 8, 2023, when the collection of exams was carried out in the CT of the club, even if the player was active in the last year. Therefore, he is barred from playing until April 2025.

Defense Arguments

The defense relied on biochemical testimony from LC Cameron, who was called in to discuss methods and techniques for detecting anti-doping testing. He was questioned by the lawyers representing Gabigol, the Prosecutor's Office, and the auditors. In the testimony, Cameron reported that, mainly from the point of view of the result of the collection, there would be no transgression.

The player will appeal with the aid of Flamengo to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland, a court of Fifa.

Response from Flamengo

"The Regatta Club of Flamengo, taking note of the result of the trial of its athlete Gabriel Barbosa, in the sense of application of suspension penalty of 2 years, until April 2025, by 5 votes for condemnation and 4 for acquittal, it goes public to say that it received with surprise the said decision and that it will assist the athlete in the presentation of appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which, once you understand that there was no fraud, not even an attempt, to justify the punishment applied."

Gabigol's ban serves as a stark reminder of the stringent measures in place to combat doping in sports and the consequences for athletes found guilty of attempting to manipulate the anti-doping process.

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