Alfred Scriven reveals details of his surprise Harambee Stars call up

FOOTBALL Alfred Scriven reveals details of his surprise Harambee Stars call up

Imran Otieno 19:51 - 20.03.2023

This was Scriven's maiden call up to the National Team.

Alfred Richard Scriven whose Harambee Stars call-up raised eyebrows has revealed head coach Engin Firat contacted him through Facebook before being included in the latest squad.

The 25-year-old was handed his maiden National Team call-up with a majority of Kenyans never catching wind of him before.

Scriven was sired by a Kenyan mother and an English dad and was born and bred in Kenya, spending 17 years in the country before moving to Norway.

The 6’2 center forward admitted that the call-up came as a surprise to him after Firat contacted him on social media before breaking the news of the squad inclusion.

“I was caught by surprise, the coach sent me a message on Facebook and asked if he could call me on WhatsApp, then we spoke. He was straight to the point and asked me to come.

I was shocked but I thought it was a good opportunity, in the first two days (with the national team) I'm just trying to adapt, it was a long journey so I needed to rest and adapt, the boys have been good and kind so it's easy,” said Scriven.

The former Mjøndalen forward had an outstanding season with his current club IL Hödd who ply their trade in the Norwegian second tier, scoring eight goals in 26 matches.

Scriven opened up on the most interesting part of being a forward as he added that he has not yet thought about featuring in the game against Iran.

“The best part is scoring goals, I can say I'm not a selfish striker, if I have a chance to play my teammate in a good position then I'll do it.

Right now I haven't thought about it, I have just thought about getting to know people in camp and getting to know how we play. Right now it's a bit too early,” added Scriven.

Firat waxed lyrical about the striker during his infamous press conference on Sunday, describing him as a hard-working player, very aggressive and good with aerial balls.