Afro-hairstyle midfielder Lubulu Kitamba speaks on Mathare United's journey to reclaim Premier League status

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NSL Afro-hairstyle midfielder Lubulu Kitamba speaks on Mathare United's journey to reclaim Premier League status

Festus Chuma 18:30 - 29.11.2023

Congolese International's inspiring football journey from grassroots to leading Mathare United's resurgence.

Soccer is not just a game; it is a lifestyle, a statement, and a passion that resonates deeply with players and fans alike. 

The world of football is not just about goals and wins; it is also about fashion, style, and the art of making a statement on and off the field. 

Amidst the dazzling array of soccer superstars who make fashion statements with their wardrobes and hairstyles, one name stands out in the Kenyan football scene – Christine Lubulu Kitamba.

In the realm of football fashionistas, where hair and beard styles are as important as the goals scored, Lubulu has carved a unique niche for himself. 

He is not just a midfielder with incredible skills; he is also a trendsetter when it comes to his unmistakable hairstyle – an Afro that has become synonymous with his name.

While global stars like Paul Pogba and Neymar are known for frequently changing their looks, capturing the imagination of fans worldwide, even the more reserved Lionel Messi has shown his willingness to experiment with his appearance. 

However, it is in the lesser-known leagues, like the National Super League in Kenya, where a player like Lubulu Kitamba shines through.

Lubulu's journey in football began in the grassroots, starting at Ligi Ndogo and then moving on to Kibera Black Stars. 

However, it was his move to Mathare United at the start of the season that truly catapulted him into the spotlight. With his Afro hairstyle, he not only stands out on the pitch but also as a symbol of Mathare United's resurgence in the National Super League.

Mathare United, a club with a rich history, had seen its share of ups and downs. From the glory days of 1998 when they lifted the Moi Golden Cup to the remarkable achievement of being crowned FKF Premier League champions in 2008, the club's legacy was undeniable. 

Known for their captivating brand of total football, Mathare United was a formidable force, and the Slum Boys left opponents in awe.

However, the club went through a challenging period and was relegated last season. It seemed like the end of an era, but true to their spirit, Mathare United  is fighting back. 

Now, with 26 points from 11 matches, they are perched at the top of the National Super League table. 

While there are 27 matches left in the season, Lubulu Kitamba is one player who embodies the determination to bring Mathare United back to the top-flight league.

Lubulu's signature Afro hairstyle is more than just a fashion statement; it is a symbol of resilience, revival, and a nod to the legends of Mathare United. 

When asked about his distinctive hair, Lubulu simply smiled and shared his football journey, which began in the bustling streets of Nairobi.

"My journey in football started at Ligi Ndogo, and then I went on to Kibera Black Stars," Lubulu recounted. "Joining Mathare United this season has been a fantastic experience. We may be on top of the league now, but we're taking each game one at a time, and our focus is on getting back to where we belong."

For Mathare United, being at the top of the National Super League is more than just a numerical achievement; it is about reclaiming their rightful place in Kenyan football. 

Lubulu, with his boundless energy and midfield prowess, is a driving force behind this resurgence. His skills on the pitch rarely see him losing possession, making him an indispensable asset to the team.

While the golden days of Mathare United may seem like distant memories, the spirit of the club burns as brightly as ever. 

The commitment of players like Lubulu, who give their all on the field, is a testament to the club's enduring legacy. They are determined to rewrite their history and inspire a new generation of fans with their brand of football.

As Mathare United's journey continues, and with Lubulu Kitamba leading the charge, the team's resurgence seems inevitable. 

The Afro-haired midfielder has not only become a fan favorite but also a symbol of hope and determination for the club. With every match, every pass, and every hairstyle, Lubulu is making a statement – Mathare United is back, and they are  in right path to get back to Football Kenya Federation Premier League. 

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