Africa Cup of Nations hero Simon Adingra emerges as local icon in Ivory Coast


FOOTBALL Africa Cup of Nations hero Simon Adingra emerges as local icon in Ivory Coast

Festus Chuma 19:37 - 21.02.2024

Ivory Coast celebrates Simon Adingra's rise to fame after his heroics in the Africa Cup of Nations and Premier League.

Africa Cup of Nations hero Simon Adingra has achieved celebrity status in his hometown of Yamoussoukro and across Ivory Coast as evidenced by the recent graffiti tributes and fan enthusiasm. 

A striking mural featuring Adingra's photo has been painted on a bus in Yamoussoukro, while an excited local boy was spotted inscribing the young football sensation's name on his T-shirt, treating it as a cherished jersey.

In Abidjan, Adingra's influence extends further, with a prominent wall adorned with graffiti showcasing his image and name, symbolizing the local pride and admiration for the 22-year-old football prodigy. 

Adingra's impact on the community is not only visual but also resonates in the hearts of the people, making him a true idol.

The pinnacle of Adingra's recent success came during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, where he was named the young player of the tournament.

The final against Nigeria saw Ivory Coast come from behind to secure a thrilling 2-1 victory, with Adingra claiming assists for both crucial goals. 

This stellar performance not only earned him individual accolades but also solidified his status as a key player for the national team.

Returning to his club, Brighton, a week ago, Adingra received a hero's welcome at the Amex Stadium.

Hundreds of fans gathered to celebrate his achievements, with his teammates and coaching staff forming a guard of honor, showcasing the widespread recognition and appreciation for his accomplishments.

Last weekend marked another milestone for Adingra as he scored twice in a match for the first time in his senior career. 

The Brighton youngster, clearly buoyed by his success on the international stage, demonstrated his prowess on the field, contributing significantly to his team's 5-0 victory against the Blades.

Despite Brighton already leading 3-0, Adingra showcased his determination and skill on the right flank, attempting nine crosses and ultimately adding two more goals to the tally. 

The first, a precision strike after being expertly set up by Pascal Groß, and the second, in the 85th minute, featured a shot that took a significant deflection, sealing the emphatic win.

With a total of six goals for Brighton this season, Adingra's performance places him in the upper echelons of Premier League goal-scorers. 

Notably, only five African players have scored more goals in the league this season, underlining his growing influence on the international football stage.

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