Olympic silver medallist Luguelín Santos faces suspension over age falsification scandal

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ATHLETICS Olympic silver medallist Luguelín Santos faces suspension over age falsification scandal

Festus Chuma 21:32 - 17.06.2023

The Dominican athlete is being investigated by international sports authorities for alleged falsification of documents.

Dominican athlete Luguelín Santos, the celebrated 400m sprinter and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist finds himself embroiled in controversy as he faces a suspension by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) for age falsification.

Santos, who clinched the World U20 Championship title in 2012, the very same year he turned 20, has admitted to previously falsifying a passport when he was a minor as per Spanish publication Infobae.

In a candid post, he expressed deep regret for his past actions, acknowledging his lack of resources and limited education as contributing factors. 

“I greatly regret what happened at that time, and without intending to evade responsibilities, I want to explain that in those years I was a young man under 18 years of age, with few resources, and little education, from Bayaguana, who simply followed the guidelines of those who They directed me in my sports career back then,” Santos wrote on his social network.

“At the moment I have a provisional suspension of all competition, which we have been complying with, and we are waiting for the final sanction from said Integrity Unit, which we will fully respect,” he added in his letter.

If found guilty, Santos could not only lose his gold medal from the 2012 World Junior Championships but also face a suspension ranging from two to four years. 

The suspension is particularly significant as it means Santos will be unable to compete in the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games, which is a great disappointment for both him and his fans. 

However, Santos expressed remorse for his past actions and emphasized his commitment to accepting and respecting the final sanction imposed by the AIU.