American outlet slammed over disrespectful comment towards Mary Moraa

Mary Moraa, Athing Mu, and Keely Hodgkinson

ATHLETICS American outlet slammed over disrespectful comment towards Mary Moraa

Joel Omotto 16:32 - 16.09.2023
The US athletics magazine has come under fire for not showing respect towards the achievements of world 800m champion Mary Moraa.

American outlet CITIUS Mug has received backlash from fans online after it termed Mary Moraa’s 800m gold medal at the 2023 World Championships a ‘fluke’.

While analysing the big battles expected at the season-ending Diamond League meeting, the Prefontaine Classic, in Eugene, Oregon this weekend, CITIUS Mug said American Athing Mu, who won bronze in Budapest last month, will be keen to bounce from a ‘rare loss’ at the Worlds while Moraa will want to prove that her win was not a ‘fluke.’

“Either way, Mu’s addition to the Pre Classic entries presents an exciting narrative: either she gets revenge after a rare loss, Moraa gets to prove her win wasn’t a fluke, or – perhaps least likely but most interesting – someone else entirely beats them both,” the outlet wrote.

That comment did not go down well with fans not just in Kenya.

“How did Moraa’s win become a fluke??? The high and mighty America thinks they own this world. Can't stand to lose,” commented an X user.

“You gotta pull this one down. Moraa's win a fluke?? She has been a consistent winner all season,” Msumari Planyo fired back.

“It's really cheap to imply that Moraa's win was a fluke. And is it really least likely if Hodgkinson, the fastest woman in the world this year, wins?” commented LM Savage.

“Moraa's win was a fluke?? Lol, but if Mu won she wouldn't bother to prove that it was a fluke. Haha okay,” was Ngoiri Joy’s response.

“It seems more like you have created a narrative by denigrating consistently strong performances of an athlete by calling one of her wins a ‘fluke’,” said Emily OB Writes.

“Commonwealth gold medalist and world leader in the event winning world champs is a fluke?” Orient Leyton posed.

Moraa has been in great form this year, winning 10 straight races, and floored both Mu and Britain’s Keely Hodgkinson (who won silver) at the World Championships.

Mu, meanwhile, has not contested a single Diamond League race this year and was not even expected in Eugene until a deal with her sponsors saw her slotted in the last minute in what was termed a home-country “wild card” entry.