Okutoyi's vow after historic W15 Monastir singles title win

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TENNIS: Okutoyi's vow after historic W15 Monastir singles title win

Festus Chuma 21:00 - 30.07.2023

The 19-year-old Tennis star says her victory over USA’s tennis ace Isabella Harvison was as a result of hard work.

In the world of professional tennis, the name Angella Okutoyi has been making waves as the Kenyan star claimed her first-ever International Tennis Federation (ITF) W15 Monastir singles title. 

The victory came on Sunday, June 30, in an exhilarating battle on the court, where she showcased her exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

Okutoyi's triumph against the formidable USA's tennis ace, Isabella Harvison, was a testament to her hard work as in the nail-biting encounter, she dominated the first set, claiming it 6-2 with her remarkable finesse and strategic play. 

However, the second set proved to be more grueling, testing her mettle against a formidable opponent.

Despite the tough competition, she displayed nerves of steel and managed to secure a hard-fought 7-6 win, after an intense one hour and 52 minutes battle on the tennis court.

Reflecting on her remarkable achievement, Angela Okutoyi humbly attributed her success to the arduous hours of training and dedication she invested in her craft. 

"You know what they say … hard work does pay off," she tweeted.

Winning the W15 Monastir singles title marked a significant milestone in her promising career, and she expressed her determination to achieve more victories in the future.

 "My first pro title W15 and not the last," she added, setting her sights on a bright and successful journey ahead.

Looking back at Okutoyi's journey, it becomes evident that this triumph was the result of perseverance and unwavering focus.

Since her debut in the Tunisian tournament in July 2022, she had made five attempts to clinch the W15 Monastir singles title but fell short on each occasion.

However, she did not let past setbacks deter her spirit; instead, she used them as stepping stones towards success. 

Her relentless pursuit of excellence was finally rewarded, and she proudly etched her name in the history books as the W15 Monastir singles champion.

Prior to her victory, Okutoyi had showcased her prowess in the sport on numerous occasions. 

Notably, she had a memorable run in the W15 Nairobi tournament in November 2022, where she reached the final. 

Unfortunately, the title eluded her then, as she faced a tough defeat against German Emily Seibold. 

Yet, this experience only fueled her determination to grow and evolve as a player, propelling her to work harder and chase her dreams with renewed vigor.

In the ITF W15 Monastir tournament, Okutoyi displayed her dominance by defeating some strong opponents on her path to glory. 

Notably, she dispatched third-seeded Zeel Desai in a remarkable performance, showcasing her skills and tenacity on the court. Her journey to the final was marked by victories against talented players like German Helena Buchwald, top-seeded Yasmine Mansouri, and fifth seed Anastasia Abbagnato.

As Angela Okutoyi basks in the glory of her maiden W15 Monastir singles title, the tennis world eagerly anticipates witnessing more of her prowess on the court. 

With a historic achievement under her belt and the unwavering support of her fans and fellow countrymen in Kenya, Okutoyi's journey is poised for greater heights.