Mandonga claims defeat to Ugandan Moses Golola due to weird, supernatural forces

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BOXING: Mandonga claims defeat to Ugandan Moses Golola due to weird, supernatural forces

Festus Chuma 18:00 - 30.07.2023

'Mtu Kazi' claims that witchcraft was at play in the defeat against Golola in Mwanza.

Tanzanian boxer Karim Mandonga, popularly known as Mandonga Mtu Kazi, is reeling after suffering yet another defeat at the hands of veteran Ugandan boxer Moses Golola.

The highly anticipated fight took place in Mwanza, Tanzania, on Saturday, July 29, and saw Mandonga facing a crushing defeat by Technical Knockout. 

This loss marks the second consecutive setback for the Tanzanian fighter, following his previous defeat against Daniel Wanyonyi of Kenya.

Despite the fervent excitement among the audience, Mandonga's aspirations were dashed as Golola showcased his superior prowess in the ring. 

The Tanzanian boxer fought valiantly, but he was ultimately overpowered by his Ugandan counterpart, culminating in a third-round knockout that led to a Technical Knockout victory for Golola.

In the aftermath of the bout, Mandonga offered a rather extraordinary explanation for his defeat, attributing it to witchcraft.

The Tanzanian fighter claimed that he observed his opponent closely, starting from the weigh-in, and struggled to comprehend Golola's fighting style. 

However, it was the discovery of objects resembling items used in witchcraft that convinced Mandonga that he was battling supernatural forces during the match.

"My fans, you saw that I was beaten. I observed my opponent from the time we weighed in, and I totally failed to understand him," Mandonga expressed.

"My opponent had objects that looked like items which are normally used by witches. So losing that fight is just normal, but I can say I fought against dark forces, and how I went down on the canvas, I can't tell," he added.

Despite the unorthodox explanation, Mandonga's dedication to his supporters remained unshaken.

The boxer reassured his fans that he remains resilient and determined to prevail in future encounters, regardless of the challenges he may face, even if it involves confronting supernatural creatures.

"But I want to assure my fans that I am strong, and if they dare to bring even supernatural creatures, I will beat them," Mandonga declared defiantly.

This recent loss has certainly tested Mandonga's mettle and added to his less-than-favorable professional record. 

With six wins, four losses, and three draws, the Tanzanian fighter is facing a critical juncture in his boxing career.

In the previous bout against Daniel Wanyonyi of Kenya, Mandonga's prospects took another hit as he was knocked out in the fifth round of the non-title fight.