Low entry for Eldoret Rally as 2024 KNRC season begins

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MOTORSPORTS Low entry for Eldoret Rally as 2024 KNRC season begins

Festus Chuma 10:37 - 16.02.2024

The 2024 KNRC season kicks off with the Eldoret Rally amid concerns over participation levels

The 2024 Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) is set to commence this weekend with the Eldoret Rally, hosted by the Western Kenya Motor Club. 

Anticipation mixes with concern as the event gears up for its kickoff on Saturday, revealing a surprisingly low entry list of just nine cars. 

This figure starkly contrasts with the early days of the KNRC, which used to see grids of over 50 competitors, highlighting a challenging trend for the organizers of these esteemed motorsport events.

Despite the reduced lineup, the Eldoret Rally promises weekend packed with adrenaline and competition. 

The event is structured around six competitive stages, totaling a distance of 139.92 kilometers out of an overall route length of 298.41 kilometers.

The rally will showcase the scenic terrains surrounding Iten, with the longest stage, Saladin, stretching over 35.20 kilometers and the shortest, Burgar, at 17.14 kilometers. 

Competitors will tackle the Burgar stage three times and the Saladin section twice, adding a layer of strategy to their race plans.

The opening Kaptagat stage, uniquely set at an extensive 1810 kilometers, will only be run once, setting the tone for the day's high-speed pursuits. 

This diverse mix of stages is designed to test the drivers' skill and endurance, ensuring that the rally remains a highlight of the KNRC calendar despite the low turnout.

Financial commitments for participants remain substantial, with the entry fee for a Kenya National Rally Championship event set at Sh25,000. 

Additionally, competitors must hold a competition license, with the FIA International Competition License priced at Sh30,000 and the National Competition License at Sh20,000. 

The latter allows participation in home rounds of the KNRC and African Rally Championship events, offering a gateway for local talent to shine on both national and continental stages.

Eldoret Rally entry list:

1.Somman Vohra/Alfir Khan (Škoda Fabia). 

2.Yassin Nasser/Joseph Kamya (Ford Fiesta),

 3.Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana (Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX). 

4.Ian Duncan/Jaspal Matharu (Nissan Patrol P/u). 

5.Minesh Rathod/Shameer Yusuf (Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX). 

6.Ghalib Hajee/Riyaz Ismail (Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX). 

7.Joey Ghose/Kashif Sheikh (Porsche 911).

 8.Jose Sardinia/Assad Mughal (Mitsubishi Pajero). 

9.Khalistan Omar/Salim Mohamed (Subaru Impreza).

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