Karan Patel faces uphill battle as Yasin Nasser reveals new co-driver for Rally Zambia

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MOTORSPORTS Karan Patel faces uphill battle as Yasin Nasser reveals new co-driver for Rally Zambia

12:10 - 18.10.2023

Defending champ Karan Patel faces tough challenge from Yasin Nasser in Zambia Rally as Nasser leads ARC standings by three points.

Two-time Uganda National Rally Champion Yasin Nasser is gearing up for an intense showdown at the Zambia International Rally this weekend, as he unveils a strategic change in his team dynamics.

Nasser, who has already secured the Uganda title with two rallies to spare, has parted ways with his longstanding co-driver Ali Katumba and announced Joseph Kamya as the new addition to the Moil Rally Team.

In a statement, Nasser expressed confidence in the new partnership, saying, “As we head South, we would like to officially welcome Joseph Kamya to the MOIL Rally Team Family. He will be sitting in for Ali Katumba for the remaining season. Kamya has been here before (Machakos 2023), and we are looking forward to strengthening our partnership further. Welcome to the team Joseph Kamya!."

The strategic move comes at a crucial juncture in the championship race, with Nasser currently leading the Africa Rally Championship (ARC) standings.

The Zambia International Rally serves as the penultimate round of the ARC, and Nasser is in contention for both the ARC and the Tanzania National Rally Championship.

The battle for supremacy involves three key contenders: Yasin Nasser, Karan Patel, and Jas Mangat.

Nasser, holding a three-point lead over Karan Patel and a six-point advantage over Jas Mangat, is well aware that the upcoming event could potentially determine the next ARC champions.

Reflecting on the intense competition, Nasser stated, “Let's make the last two count!”.

The anticipation is not limited to the top-tier competition, as the Junior ARC will witness a fierce battle between Tanzania’s Charles Nyerere and Kenya’s Hamza Anwar. Nyerere, currently holding a 24-point lead over Anwar, is eager to extend his advantage in the upcoming rally.

The Zambia International Rally is set to kick off on Friday with a qualifying stage covering 1.56 kilometers.

Over the weekend, sixteen competitive stages will challenge the participants, making a total of 204.23 kilometers.

Karan Patel, the defending champion for the Zambia International Rally, faces the daunting task of defending his title against the formidable Yasin Nasser and other top contenders.