Karan Patel eyes historic podium at 2024 WRC Safari Rally

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MOTORSPORTS Karan Patel eyes historic podium at 2024 WRC Safari Rally

Festus Chuma 12:48 - 10.02.2024

Kenyan driver Karan Patel is targeting a top finish at the WRC Safari Rally 2024 after overcoming past mechanical issues with renewed determination.

Kenyan driver Karan Patel is setting the stage for a monumental comeback at the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally 2024. 

After a streak of misfortune marked by mechanical failures in the past two editions, Patel is more determined than ever to secure a spot among the top contenders. 

His ambition is not just to finish but to clinch a top ten overall finish and to stand on the podium in the WRC2 category.

Facing setbacks head-on, Patel and his team have been hard at work, fine-tuning their vehicle in anticipation of the challenges ahead. 

The adjustments, which are to be unveiled shortly, are a testament to the team's resolve to overcome previous issues and push for excellence. 

"This time round hopefully we can accomplish a top three finish in the WRC2 category, hopefully a top ten finish overall. Despite having two DNFs in the last two, we are hoping for a good finish," he said as per Capital Sports.

The significance of the WRC Safari Rally extends beyond the competition itself for Patel and other local drivers. It offers a global stage to showcase their skills and the meticulous preparation of their teams. 

Patel views this as a golden opportunity to attract international sponsors and open doors to competing in more prestigious rallies worldwide.

 "The WRC Safari Rally is a chance for us to demonstrate our skills as a team preparation wise and as a driver, when the whole world is watching us. It’s a prestigious event and one that requires a lot of dedication," Patel elucidated.

Scheduled for Easter, the rally also presents the challenge of unpredictable weather conditions. Yet, Patel remains unfazed, choosing to focus on readiness rather than forecasts, which have proven unreliable in the past. 

"I do not depend on the weather forecast; it’s always let me down in the past or just changes at the last minute," he stated, emphasizing his and his team's adaptability to whatever conditions they may face.

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