Tragedy as Gor Mahia die-hard fan falls to death from moving bus after witnessing K'Ogalo's win


FKFPL Tragedy as Gor Mahia die-hard fan falls to death from moving bus after witnessing K'Ogalo's win

Festus Chuma 21:20 - 22.12.2023

Gor Mahia fan dies tragically in Machakos accident, after watching K'Ogalo steal a late win against Bandari.

An ardent Gor Mahia fan met a tragic end on Friday evening in a devastating road accident along the Nairobi-Mombasa Road.

The heart-wrenching incident occurred as the football enthusiast was en route from Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos to witness his beloved team, Gor Mahia, take on Bandari in a league match.

The shocking news of the fan's demise sent ripples across social media platforms shortly after the match as the unfortunate incident was later confirmed by former Gor Mahia treasurer, Sally Bolo.

Bolo issued a solemn statement sending commiserations for the loss of Wicklife Obala, the devoted Gor Mahia fan.

In her heartfelt message, she emphasized the importance of safety, cautioning against the perilous act of hanging onto moving vehicles.

"Deepest condolences for the loss of Wicklife Obala, Gor Mahia fan. Let's reflect on safety; hanging on moving vehicles risks lives. May his soul rest in eternal peace," she wrote.

The tragedy unfolded as Gor Mahia had just secured a late 1-0 victory against Bandari, sending fans into jubilation mode at the stadium.

However, this joyous occasion would be marred by a heart-wrenching incident along the Nairobi-Mombasa Road, a road that has witnessed its fair share of sorrow for Gor Mahia fans in recent years.

In a hauntingly similar accident in April 2018, four Gor Mahia fans lost their lives in a horrific road collision involving two vehicles.

These dedicated fans were en route to Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos to witness K'Ogalo's game against Thika United.

Eyewitnesses recounted that some of the fans were precariously hanging on the bus when the driver lost control, leading to a devastating crash with another vehicle.

Tragically, four fans were killed instantly, while at least ten others sustained injuries.

Just a few months prior, in January 2018, Gor Mahia fans were plunged into mourning yet again when one of their own met a tragic end.

The fan, known by his Facebook alias 'Jakababa Jakafadhe,' succumbed to his injuries after a harrowing four-month battle at a Nairobi hospital.

His unfortunate fate was sealed when he slipped off a moving bus and fell beneath its wheels.

'Jakababa Jakafadhe' was among the Gor Mahia faithful returning from Thika town after witnessing K’Ogalo's intense 0-0 draw against Thika United during the previous season.

The heartbreaking accident transpired not far from Nehema Uhai Hospital, situated opposite Safari Park Hotel, where the fan was initially rushed for medical attention.

Later, he was transferred to St. Francis Hospital in Mwiki-Kasarani, where his valiant battle for survival ultimately came to an end. 

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