Revealed: Yanga made more money last season that all Kenyan clubs combined!

Hersi Said during a press briefing for the club. (Yanga Twitter)

FOOTBALL Revealed: Yanga made more money last season that all Kenyan clubs combined!

Joel Omotto 19:58 - 24.06.2023

The Tanzanian champions reaped big from sponsors and their participation in continental and domestic cup competitions

Tanzania giants Yanga have announced that they made over Ksh735 million from the just-concluded season.

While holding their Annual General Meeting in Das es Salaam on Saturday, club chairman Hersi Said revealed that the club made Tsh7,068,127,083 (Ksh412,772,745) from their sponsors alone in the 2022-23 campaign which saw them retain their league title while reaching the final of the CAF Confederation Cup.

According to Said, the cash windfall was from their nine sponsors who are betting firm SportPesa (main sponsor), Azam TV (broadcast partner), Haier, GSM Group, Jembe Energy, CRDB Bank, Unicef, Smile, and Robbialac.

The other amount raised was Tsh3,550,000,000 (Ksh207,317048) from their participation in the various competitions which included league, domestic and continental cup tournaments, bringing their total to Tsh10,618,127,083 (Ksh620,089,793).

The Tsh3,550,000,000 (Ksh207,317048) includes Tsh600m (Ksh35.2 million) that they were awarded for winning the league and $1 million (Ksh139 million) received from CAF for reaching the Confederation Cup final when they lost to USM Alger of Algeria.

With the club enjoying one of the largest fanbase in Africa, Yanga made Tsh1,987,163, 879 (Ksh115,526,930) in matchday revenue with Wananchi Day being the biggest gate collection after netting over Tsh478,834,669 (Ksh27,837,814). All these three sources brought in a total of Tsh12,605,290,962 (Ksh735,616,723) for the club. 

The figures just show how the Tanzanian giants have turned into a money-minting club now playing in an exclusive club on self-sustaining sides on the continent.

What is more remarkable is that the club was plunged into a financial hole just three years ago before Hersi’s intervention saved them from collapse following a well-calculated plan that included sourcing for multiple sponsors, handing members a controlling stake in the team as well as leveraging on sale of merchandise.

Timu ya Wananchi, who have lost their coach Nasreddine Nabi, recently sold in-demand star Feisal Salum Abdalla, known as Fei Toto to rivals Azam for $83,000 (Ksh11,552,693), and could also be set to reap more from the sale of top striker Fiston Mayele who is angling for a move away despite having one year still remaining on his contract.

The club's player wages and acquisition costs rose to $4.4m (Ksh612 million) while sponsorship revenue rose to $3.4m (Ksh473 million) thanks to new deals including SportPesa and Haier as well as Azam Media. 

"We will continue looking for more ways to increase our revenue and we are asking our remembers to go back to their branches and urge more fans to sign up so that they can help us achieve our objectives for next season," Said urged members. 

The club also revealed plans to build their own stadium, while showing their members an artist's impression of the facility, which is projected to host between 15,000-18,000 fans once complete. 

Yanga’s income is more than what some entire leagues in the region make, showing just how far they are from their East African counterparts. For example, AFC Leopards, one of Kenya's biggest clubs, recently announced revenues of over Ksh67 million from last season.