Mexican club files complaint against Lionel Messi and Inter Miami teammates after Champions Cup altercation

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Mexican club files complaint against Lionel Messi and Inter Miami teammates after Champions Cup altercation

Ayoola Kelechi 10:22 - 07.04.2024

Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba were all named in a complaint by Monterrey after Inter Miami's loss in the Champions Cup

Mexican club Monterrey has taken action against Inter Miami by filing a formal complaint with CONCACAF following a fiery altercation involving Lionel Messi and other Inter Miami players. The incident occurred after Inter Miami's 2-1 loss to Monterrey in the Champions Cup quarterfinal.

Allegations and complaint details

The complaint, submitted by Monterrey to CONCACAF, highlights a heated verbal exchange between Lionel Messi and Monterrey coach Fernando "Tano" Ortiz. Reports suggest that Messi's teammates Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba also supported him during the dispute. Monterrey is seeking sanctions against both the team and the players involved in the altercation.

The clash stemmed from comments made by Monterrey coach Ortiz in the lead-up to the match. Ortiz suggested that the officiating could be biased in favour of Inter Miami due to the presence of Lionel Messi, citing business interests associated with the Argentine superstar. His remarks ignited tensions between the two teams.

Ortiz's remarks prior to the match hinted at potential favouritism towards Inter Miami, citing the influence of Messi on both sporting and non-sporting decisions. He expressed concerns about potential disadvantages for Monterrey and emphasized the business aspect of the sport.

Altercation after Champions Cup match

During the match, Inter Miami faced disciplinary issues, with one player receiving a red card and six others receiving yellow cards. Monterrey also had three players cautioned during the game. Messi, Suarez, Alba, and Inter Miami coach Tata Martino approached the referee after the match to question certain decisions, particularly the expulsion of Miami midfielder David Ruiz.

Following the match, tensions escalated as Messi, Suarez, and Alba found themselves in a confrontation with Monterrey coach Ortiz. The verbal altercation intensified in a hallway at Chase Stadium, prompting Monterrey to take formal action against Inter Miami and the involved players.

Seeking resolution

Monterrey is pressing for a swift resolution from CONCACAF ahead of the second leg of the two-game series scheduled for April 10 in Monterrey. The club seeks clarity and potential sanctions against Inter Miami and the players implicated in the altercation.

As the situation unfolds, both clubs await CONCACAF's decision on the matter, which could have implications for the remainder of the Champions Cup tournament.