Laura Celia: Five things about Jude Bellingham's new girlfriend

Laura Celia: Five things about Jude Bellingham's new girlfriend

Festus Chuma 21:30 - 24.04.2024

The girlfriend of the Real Madrid midfielder balances a diverse professional life with cultural enthusiasm and a penchant for travel.

Laura Celia has been in the spotlight for the past few days following news of her romance with football star Jude Bellingham. 

While she is known as a stunning model and influencer, there are several intriguing aspects about her life that might not be widely known. 

Here are five fascinating details about Laura Celia that go beyond the glitz and glamour.

1. Academic achievements and creative pursuits

Laura is not just a pretty face; she holds a degree in creative business from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

This academic background has given her a robust foundation in business management and marketing, enabling her to blend creative thinking with business acumen effectively. 

Her education has been a critical asset in her career, not only in modelling but also in her entrepreneurial ventures.

2. A budding entrepreneur in the social media space

Beyond modeling, Laura is the owner of her own social media consultancy agency, Bobby Rose Agency. 

Her agency focuses on providing strategic social media and marketing solutions to various clients, helping them enhance their digital presence and reach. 

This role highlights her skills beyond the modeling world and her capability to manage and grow a business.

3. Extensive experience in media and advertising

Laura has an impressive resume when it comes to her professional experiences. 

She has worked as a presenter for RTL and Subdued, gaining substantial experience in advertising services and business consulting. 

These roles have allowed her to develop a unique perspective on media and marketing, further enhancing her expertise in the business realm.

4. Passion for marketing and modeling

Laura's professional journey includes significant stints at high-profile companies. 

She has worked as a model with Above and Beyond and served as a marketing consultant at Xerox. 

Her diverse career path showcases her versatile talents and her ability to navigate between the glamorous world of fashion and the strategic sphere of marketing.

5. An avid traveler with a love for cultures

Laura's Instagram is peppered with snapshots from luxurious locales across Europe, reflecting her love for travel and culture. 

She frequently travels between Spain and France, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

Her travels not only feed her soul but also inspire her work in various creative and business projects.

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