Kenya to host World Freestyle Football tourney with Ksh 3 million up for grabs

FREESTYLE FOOTBALL Kenya to host World Freestyle Football tourney with Ksh 3 million up for grabs

Mark Kinyanjui 15:00 - 24.11.2023

The Championships will take place at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi on Saturday, with Ksh 3 million shillings up for grabs.

The most awaited and competitive event of the Freestyle Football global circuit will be hosted in Africa for the first time this weekend, with Nairobi’s Bomas of Kenya set to host the event on Saturday 25th November.

The event, held annually across the globe by the World Freestyle Football Association, will see the best 32 freestylers in the world (16 men and 16 women), coming from the 6 events of the Pulse Series, battling it out to crown the male and female World Champions. 

The six include Online Pulse Mombasa for Africa, Pulse Riga for Europe, Pulse New York City for North America, Pulse Córdoba for South America, Pulse Hiroshima for Asia-Pacific, and Pulse Online for the rest of the world.

The list of participating athletes includes the two current World champions, Caitlyn Schrepfer from the USA and Erlend Fagerli from Norway, as well as a collection of first-class talents from all continents. The top three participants will walk away with Ksh. 3 million shillings cash prize.

Speaking ahead of the event, WFFA president and co-founder Steve Elias told Pulse Sports said: “This is the first time we are doing a football World Championship in Africa, so we want to bring the entertainment to the country and the excitement of freestyle football.

“We also want to provide an opportunity to educate the general public on freestyle football and what it is ‘cause it is a young sport. Many don’t know about it and what it entails, so we think by doing the event, it will create some opportunities and awareness for people in Kenya and East Africa to know that it exists.

I believe there is hidden talent in East Africa and Africa that can be given the opportunity to become professional freestyle footballers or even a World Championship. We need to find those people and I think doing that event here will create that opportunity cause people will be now more educated and understand what the sport is about.”

Freestyle Football is, put simply, the art of doing tricks with a football. Anyone scratching the surface, however, will soon discover that it is way more: for freestylers today, the discipline is an art form, a sport, and a lifestyle. 

The World Freestyle Football Association is the world governing body for the sport of Freestyle Football: its main mission is to grow awareness of, and participation in, Freestyle Football worldwide. 

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