KCB FC reclaims social media kingdom after x-rated siege by hackers


KCB FC reclaims social media kingdom after x-rated siege by hackers

Festus Chuma 19:31 - 04.04.2024

After a week of adult content postings by hackers KCB FC has successfully regained control of its Facebook page.

Football Kenya Federation Premier League side KCB FC has successfully reclaimed its Facebook page after a distressing week of unauthorized access. 

The Bankers' announcement came as a relief to its fans and followers, marking an end to a week-long ordeal that began on March 27 when hackers took over the page, compromising its content with posts that starkly contradicted the institution's values.

With more than 38,000 followers, the club's social media platform is a vital link to its fanbase making the breach all the more significant. 

The hackers' first act was to share a video featuring inappropriate content a move that immediately alerted the club and its followers to the severity of the situation.

In a spirited announcement, the club declared its victory over the cyber invaders.

 "Judgment Day is here. Even though they will put you to shame and ridicule, everything will eventually be returned to their rightful owners. Today, we rise again. We warned them. We never go out without a fight. We are not like the other pages that you hack and take permanent ownership of. We are lions," the statement reads.

This proclamation of victory, however, comes with a caveat. At the time of the announcement, the contentious adult content had not yet been removed from the page, hinting at an ongoing struggle to fully sanitize the club's digital presence.

In an official statement released on their Twitter page last Wednesday, KCB FC acknowledged the breach and expressed regret over the incident to its fanbase.

 "We regret to inform our loyal fanbase that our official Facebook page, @KCBFootballClub, has unfortunately been compromised. We are working to resolve the issue," the club stated, affirming their commitment to restoring the integrity of their online platform.

Currently ranked 9th in the FKF Premier League table with 33 points from 24 matches, KCB FC's next match against Bidco United on Saturday April 6 in the FKF Premier League clash at Machakos Stadium 

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