“If I am using juju, it is good because it is my choice!” Matano fires back at Aussems

FKFPL “If I am using juju, it is good because it is my choice!” Matano fires back at Aussems

Mark Kinyanjui 09:34 - 29.06.2023

In April, the relationship between both Matano and Aussems was soured when the latter tactcian labeled him "a juju man".

Tusker FC head coach Robert Matano has fired back at his AFC Leopards counterpart Patrick Aussems after the Belgian tactician accused him of being “a juju man” after the Brewers beat Ingwe 1-0 back in April.

A goal by Stewart Omondi in stoppage time was enough to gift Tusker all three points after it had appeared as if Aussems instructed his players to deploy time-wasting tactics to secure a draw, which frustrated Matano before they started exchanging words.

This forced members of the technical bench from both sides and the stewards into separating the two managers. Matano has accused Aussems of putting pressure on others rather than himself in order to avoid scrutiny from fans.

“AFC Leopards is a fans club that comes with a lot of pressure,” he said. "He does not want pressure from fans but wants to put pressure on me,” he added.

“That is how he is. After being interviewed, he followed me to the dressing room, insulted me, and threatened me. If he threatened me, am I safe amongst the white people?”

The three-time league-winning manager has accused Aussems of being a sore loser.

“Losing is not easy. As someone who has played and then coached football for many years, I understand. If you lost fairly, you have no right to blame other coaches or other people. You need to look at your own mistakes. Maybe the mistake he made was what made him lose.

“When he tried to waste time, we got a chance to win. He is the one who wanted the draw but he is very egoistic. He is white and he coaches a big club, so he thinks he can provoke anyone but I have been through all those things.”

The former Sofapaka and AFC Leopards tactician has called for the coach to respect other coaches, as it is all about football at the end of the day and not personal interests.

“He needs to respect his peers. We need to respect each other in the industry even if we are opponents. Being vocal and arrogant does not help. When you lose, admit you lost. 

“There are many games. We also lost a couple of times this season, but you will not hear me complaining or insulting the opponents. There is no need.

“The white man says that a dying horse kicks hard. He must have been a dying horse because he was dying that day.”

Matano has also picked the sarcastic card, saying that juju “is his choice” if Aussems accused him of deploying such tactics.

“If I am using juju, it is good because it is my choice. How did he know I am using juju and he is not!? 

“Secondly, it is good to say something if you have proof you saw it and then tell the public. We beat him by scoring a goal that had 17 passes stringed together in the build-up. If that is juju, then I will keep using it.”

Tusker will be seeking to make amends for missing out on the title when they face Kakamega Homeboyz in the final of the FKF Cup on Sunday to stand a chance of qualifying for the CAF Confederation Cup next season.