Georgia: The road to Euro 2024—A profile of their unlikely qualification journey

Georgia: The road to Euro 2024—A profile of their unlikely qualification journey

Eric Munene 14:22 - 28.05.2024

Georgia stunned higher-ranked teams to script a historic heart-filled underdog journey to the tournament.

Seventeen days into Euro 2024, the Georgian national team has emerged as the quintessential underdog story captivating the hearts of football fans worldwide with their unexpected triumphs.

Against the odds, the Georgian national team defied expectations, overcoming obstacles and making their mark on the grand stage of European football.

Georgia's journey to Euro 2024 was nothing short of extraordinary. As a nation not traditionally associated with footballing success, their path to qualification was fraught with challenges.

However, under the leadership of their determined manager and the unity of their squad, they navigated their way through the qualifying rounds with resilience and determination.

Key victories against higher-ranked opponents showcased their potential and hinted at the surprises they have in store for the tournament.

Willy Sagnol’s team picked up results against Scotland, Norway, and Cyprus despite a heavy 7-1 defeat to Spain at home.

Upon reaching the play-offs, they beat Luxembourg 2-0 in the semi-final and then defeated 2004 champions Greece on penalties to secure their spot in Germany for the first time in history.

Throughout Euro 2024 qualification stages, Georgia captured the imagination of fans worldwide with their heroic performances.

From stunning upsets against tournament favorites to gritty displays of resilience in the face of adversity, they showcased the true essence of footballing passion and spirit.

Each match was a testament to their unwavering belief in themselves and their ability to compete at the highest level.

In the annals of footballing history, Georgia's entry to Euro 2024 will be remembered as a fairy tale come true.

Against all odds, they proved that football is not just a game of skill but also of heart, courage, and belief.