FKF sends stern warning to Shabana FC and their fans

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FOOTBALL FKF sends stern warning to Shabana FC and their fans

Festus Chuma 10:28 - 08.10.2023

Tore Bobe faces FKF warning after fan misconduct. FKF urges swift action or faces fines, match bans, and point deductions.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has issued a warning to Shabana FC following incidents of unruly behavior by their fans during FKF Premier League matches. 

The warning comes after Shabana supporters broke the fence at Ulinzi Sports Complex during their clash against AFC Leopards and repeated the act during their recent victory against Tusker FC, where objects were hurled onto the field, injuring a radio journalist.

The league's manager Mike Karume did not mince words in a strongly-worded letter to Shabana, expressing both appreciation and concern. 

“Football Kenya Federation wishes to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible mobilization of fans and the immense hype you have brought to the FKF-PL since your promotion. Your passionate supporters have undoubtedly added an electrifying atmosphere to the matches, making them even more exciting to watch," the letter reads.

However, the letter swiftly shifted its tone to address the issue at hand. “FKF would like to bring to your attention a matter of great concern regarding the behavior of a section of your fans during recent FKF-PL matches. It has been noted and reported by the FKF Safety and Security department that there have been instances of a section of fans throwing objects and invading the pitch during celebrations, which is both dangerous and disruptive to the game.”

The FKF's concern is not only limited to Shabana but also extends to the reputation of the league itself.

 “We would like to remind you that the actions of your fans reflect upon the club and the league at large, and it is the responsibility of the club's management to ensure that the fans conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. Therefore, we strongly urge you to take immediate action to address this issue and prevent any recurrence in the future," it adds.

The letter concludes by outlining the potential consequences if such incidents persist. 

“Please be aware that any further instances of such behavior will result in severe consequences. These may include but are not limited to: Imposition of fines on the club, playing matches behind closed doors i.e., without any spectators, deduction of points from your team's standing in the league.”

Shabana's rise to the FKF Premier League has undeniably injected excitement into the competition, but the recent incidents threaten to overshadow their success on the field. 

As the FKF keeps a watchful eye, Shabana must act swiftly to address the concerns raised by the league management, balancing the fervor of their fans with the need for responsible and respectful behavior.