Ex-Gor Mahia defender aims brutal ‘Xenophobia’ dig at South Africa after failed Kaizer Chiefs spell

FOOTBALL Ex-Gor Mahia defender aims brutal ‘Xenophobia’ dig at South Africa after failed Kaizer Chiefs spell

Mark Kinyanjui 10:04 - 25.11.2023

The former Gor Mahia left-back has blamed xenophobia as the reason foreign footballers struggle to make it in South Africa.

Former Gor Mahia and Kaizer Chiefs defender Godfrey Walusimbi has slammed what life is like as a foreign footballer in South Africa, accusing them of being “xenophobic”.

Walusimbi spent a little over a year in South Africa in the 2018-2019 season after leaving Gor Mahia, the club he had spent four years and won four league titles with, establishing himself as a cult hero with his energetic displays bombing up and down the wing.

However, his spell at Chiefs had a sour end as the club tried to force him out by attempting to sell him in a swap deal, a move he rejected outright before both parties agreed to a contract termination.

The country’s record at signing foreign-based players, particularly from East Africa, has not been good, as most footballers struggle the moment they start playing in the country, something Walusimbi has explained.

“South Africans, they are not so welcoming people that maybe they are going to welcome everyone, as in, they do not have that humanity, you remember xenophobia? They are killing people,” he told Nation.

“In football, it does not show that much, but at least it is hidden and it tortures many foreign players.”

The 105-capped Uganda Cranes defender has explained what makes it difficult to thrive playing in their top-flight division as a foreigner.

“For me, I would consider (the) psychological aspect and a little bit of technical aspect.

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“I am not talking about technical abilities like one, controlling or dribbling the ball, what what, but for them they have their style of play, doing their own staff on the pitch.

“If you are not used to those whatever stuff, you are going to get mad, because most of the time when you on the pitch, for you you want to make things  quick, go score a goal.

“But for them they are doing their tricks, what, what, just like those ones, and if you do not welcome their tricks, you are going to become an enemy.

“If someone does something which annoys you and you happen to show the annoyance, you are going to become their enemy. That is going to torture you psychologically.”