Ex-Arsenal and Liverpool star ‘kicked out of his home’ after being caught cheating by reality TV star girlfriend

Pennant (R) was chased by girlfriend Jess Impiazzi (L) after she caught him cheating.

FOOTBALL Ex-Arsenal and Liverpool star ‘kicked out of his home’ after being caught cheating by reality TV star girlfriend

Mark Kinyanjui 11:06 - 28.01.2024

The former Arsenal and Liverpool winger is reportedly set to be chased away from his own house after his girlfriend, a TV reality star, caught him cheating.

Former Arsenal and Liverpool winger Jermaine Pennant will be kicked out of his home on Wednesday after being caught with a dominatrix by TV reality girlfriend Jess 

Pennant, who was declared bankrupt 12 months ago with debts accruing 1 million pounds (Ksh 202 million), was given time to find a new place after the couple split up last month.

For some time it looked as if Pennant would have to set up shop on a friend's sofa, but it now looks like the ex-Gunner has at long last found a place on his own and is aiming to move in by the end of the week. 

The decision is rumored to have been made after Impiazzi was told by pals that Pennant spent the night with a dominatrix while holidaying in Ibiza last May.

At the same time, the Ex on the Beach star was undergoing IVF treatment, given the plan for the pair was to settle down and start a family.

Soon after, she allegedly caught Pennant engaging in racy text exchanges with other women. Pennant has however denied claims of being a cheat.

"I went on a stag do with people I hardly knew and anything organised was for the stag and had nothing to do with me. I did not cheat on Jess,” he said in a statement.

"I thought she had accepted my version because we stayed together after the Ibiza trip. It’s hard enough breaking up before Christmas as Christmas alone without Jess will be tough but I’ll just have to get on with it."

According to The Sun, Jess is said to have been hurt by the decision but opted to give him time to leave and move on.

 "Jess has been left heartbroken by Jermaine’s actions during their relationship, but she wanted to give him time to find his feet.

"He was hoping he’d be able to win her back while they were still living under the same roof. But she’s done with him and wants to start moving on with her life."

Financially, it has been some fall from grace for Pennant. At one stage of his career, the former England Under-21 star was in such a comfortable position he forgot a £1.2million house in Cheshire.

That wasn't the only example of Pennant being too loaded for his own good. While at Real Zaragoza, it skipped his mind that he had left his Porsche parked at a railway station.

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