Dele Ali exposes football's drug problem

Dele Alli of Everton

Dele Ali exposes football's drug problem

Ayoola Kelechi 23:55 - 13.07.2023

Dele Alli believes that football has a drug addiction problem brewing

Former Tottenham star Dele Alli has opened up about his struggles with drug addiction, noting that it is a problem that a number of footballers are currently going through but struggle to admit.

Alli opens up about rehab and struggles with addiction

Alli, in a tell-all interview with Manchester United legend Gary Neville revealed the reasons behind his career slump, including a drug addiction that forced him into rehab.

Dele Alli opens up about his addiction
Dele Alli opens up about his addiction

The former Besiktas midifielder noted that he started to take sleeping pills to help him keep up with the rigours of being a professional football player, but the habit soon got out of hand as he struggled to rediscover his form on the pitch.

The former England international was forced to undergo six weeks of rehabilitation to help get over his addiction and is believed to be better off at the time of his interview.

Alli believes addiction problem commonplace in football

Alli revealed the extent of his addiction on the Overlap interview with Neville and explained the common nature of the problem among footballers today, saying, “I got addicted to sleeping tablets, it's a problem not only I have. It's going around more than people realise in football.

“Now is probably the right time to tell people. It's tough to talk about it as it's quite recent and something I've hid for a long time and I'm scared to talk about.”

Alli also spoke about a number of other struggles, including his rough childhood, sexual abuse, and depression, noting that he was trying to work his way back up the football ladder with Everton.

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