Chelsea legend emerges as surprise candidate for Canada men’s national team job

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Chelsea legend emerges as surprise candidate for Canada men’s national team job

Joel Omotto 19:00 - 07.04.2024

The former Chelsea midfielder is reportedly among candidates being considered to lead Canada men’s national team to the 2026 World Cup on home soil.

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has emerged as one of the candidates being considered for the Canada men’s national team coach job.

The potential consideration of Lampard for the Canada national team job has stirred up a lot of discussion and speculation within the soccer community.

Lampard's iconic status as a player, particularly with Chelsea, contrasts sharply with his mixed results as a manager.

The idea of Lampard seeking a fresh start in Canada, away from the intense scrutiny of European football, seems plausible.

However, as noted by Josh Kloke of The Athletic, it's uncertain whether Lampard is genuinely under consideration for the position. In international soccer, there are often various behind-the-scenes maneuvers and agendas at play, making it challenging to discern true intentions.

Lampard's familiarity with Major League Soccer from his playing days with New York City FC could indeed be an asset, considering the presence of MLS players within the Canadian squad.

Yet, the transition to managing at the international level, especially within the unique context of CONCACAF football, presents its own set of challenges.

The question of whether Lampard is the right person to lead Canada at the 2026 World Cup, particularly on home soil, is a significant one.

While his experience managing elite talent and his reputation as a player's manager may count in his favour, the demands and dynamics of international management require a different skill set altogether.

Ultimately, whether Lampard ends up coaching the Canadian national team remains to be seen. But the mere prospect of such a renowned figure potentially taking the reins has undoubtedly sparked considerable intrigue and debate.