Naoya Inoue makes history with thrilling victory over Marlon Tapales

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BOXING Naoya Inoue makes history with thrilling victory over Marlon Tapales

Festus Chuma 16:31 - 26.12.2023

Naoya Inoue secures historic victory, becoming two-weight undisputed champion with a knockout win over Marlon Tapales in Tokyo.

Japanese professional boxer Naoya Inoue achieved an extraordinary milestone by knocking out Marlon Tapales on Tuesday in the 10th round at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, solidifying his reign as the undisputed super-bantamweight champion.

In doing so, Inoue etched his name into the annals of boxing history, becoming the first super-bantamweight champion of the four-belt era and joining the elite ranks of two-weight undisputed four-belt champions alongside the illustrious Terence Crawford.

Reflecting on this monumental triumph, Inoue graciously acknowledged his formidable opponent Marlon Tapales.

"I would like to give a big shout-out to Marlon Tapales. Such a tough opponent. He never showed me fatigue or damage so I was quite surprised when he went down in this round," he stated as per Sky Sports.

"I think super-bantamweight is my weight division for now, so in 2024, I would like to show myself at super-bantamweight in an even stronger form."

Inoue's journey to this historic moment began just over a year ago when he claimed the undisputed bantamweight championship by defeating Paul Butler.

He swiftly transitioned to conquer the super-bantamweight division, leaving no room for doubt in his supremacy.

Marlon Tapales, although valiant, faced an insurmountable challenge against Inoue's formidable prowess.

Despite recovering admirably from a fourth-round knockdown, Tapales ultimately succumbed to Inoue's relentless onslaught.

A series of powerful blows, some partially blocked but nonetheless debilitating, left the Filipino boxer dazed and incapable of mounting a sufficient response.

With one minute and two seconds into the 10th round at Tokyo's Ariake Arena, Inoue sealed his victory in emphatic fashion.

Naoya Inoue and Terence Crawford stand tall above all others, reigning supreme in the pound-for-pound rankings.

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