LeBron James slams controversial Tyson Fury win: 'Why I don't watch boxing!

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BOXING LeBron James slams controversial Tyson Fury win: 'Why I don't watch boxing!

09:45 - 29.10.2023

LeBron James and fans express frustration over controversial split-decision victory for Tyson Fury in his bout against Francis Ngannou.

NBA superstar LeBron James has joined the chorus of fans expressing their disappointment on Saturday night as they witnessed Tyson Fury secure a contentious split-decision victory over Francis Ngannou. 

The highly-anticipated showdown took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and left spectators in a state of shock as Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, faced a third-round knockdown at the hands of Ngannou, a former UFC fighter who had never previously entered the boxing ring.

LeBron James, a global sports icon, could not hide his frustration and took to social media to voice his sentiments, writing, "Exactly why I don't watch boxing! C'mon man!" His statement resonated with numerous fans who shared his disappointment in the outcome.

The decision was met with resounding boos at Boulevard Hall in Riyadh as it was announced that the UFC fighter had lost.

Social media platforms erupted with fans expressing their disbelief at the judges' ruling, with many claiming that Ngannou had been unjustly denied the win. 

One fan called it "daylight robbery," while another echoed the sentiment, stating that the Cameroonian national had been "robbed." Comparisons were drawn to other fighters, with one fan asserting as per Daily Mail. "[Oleksandr] Usyk would absolutely destroy Tyson Fury if he fights anything like he did tonight."

Despite the controversy, Tyson Fury acknowledged Ngannou's remarkable performance during his post-fight interview. Fury praised Ngannou as "a hell of a fighter" and admitted that it was one of his toughest fights in the last decade. 

Reflecting on his third-round knockdown, Fury explained, "I got caught round the back of the head. I wasn't hurt. I got up and got back to my boxing."

The entire fight was a hotly contested affair, with fans now calling for Ngannou to explore a career in professional boxing after impressing in his inaugural boxing match. 

Fury, however, managed to preserve his unbeaten record, with the judges delivering a split decision. 

One judge scored it 95-94 in favor of Francis Ngannou, another awarded it 96-93 to Fury, and the decisive judge ultimately favored Fury with a 95-94 score.

The bout between Fury and Ngannou has undeniably stirred controversy within the sporting world, leaving fans divided over the outcome. 

As discussions surrounding the match continue to dominate headlines, the question of fairness and the possibility of a rematch loom large, ensuring that this boxing spectacle remains a topic of conversation in the days to come.

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