Dillian Whyte slams Tyson Fury for calling off the Anthony Joshua boxing match

Tyson Fury (left) and Dillian Whyte (right)

Dillian Whyte slams Tyson Fury for calling off the Anthony Joshua boxing match

Fabian Simiyu 08:37 - 27.09.2022

Dillian Whyte says Tyson Fury must 'shut up' on social media if he wants to make Anthony Joshua fight

Dillian Whyte says he is ready to step in and fight Anthony Joshua if his meeting with Tyson Fury falls through. Whyte has been eyeing a return to the ring in December having lost to Fury at Wembley earlier this year.

Fury had declared on social media that his fight against Joshua is off after a contract was not finalised by a 5:00 p.m. deadline, which had been set by the WBC [write in full] champion.

Whyte believes Fury's public outbursts have derailed plans [which plans? State it clearly] and has since advised his former opponent to remain silent while negotiations continue between both fighters.

Tyson Fury

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"Fury definitely needs to chill out," Whyte told Sky Sports.

"Some of the ways he does negotiating business, it's all social media and shouting, screaming and calling people big dossers. I'm not an Anthony Joshua fan as well, I don't really like both of them.

"Big fights sometimes it pays off to be a bit patient, and just shut his big mouth up a bit and stop talking s**t about the big GK (Gypsy King).

"Let the fight happen, you want the fight to happen or you don't want the fight to happen. If you want the fight to happen be patient, there's a lot of money, and a lot of things at stake so it will take time. "It's a lot of things that can go wrong. He just needs to relax." Concluded Whyte.

Anthony Joshua

Whyte has had a bad experience in organising fights with both men and especially Fury as he in the past took a media silence at one point during the build-up to his fight with Fury earlier this year having initially been unhappy with negotiations.

Dyllian Whyte

He however admitted that his fight with Joshua in 2015 had been more straightforward to make given the position they were both in at that stage of their careers.