Wiseman Were keen to benefit from newly-launched athlete's pension initiative

ATHLETICS Wiseman Were keen to benefit from newly-launched athlete's pension initiative

Abigael Wafula 06:32 - 07.12.2023

Wiseman Were is one of the dozens of athletes who will be hoping to benefit from the Mwanariadha Pension Initiative.

Wiseman Were will be hoping to benefit from the recently launched Mwanariadha Pension Initiative that will be aiming to support both retired and active athletes when they hang their spikes.

Were was privileged to be among other track stars to have joined Athletics Kenya (AK) as they launched the initiative and he will be keen to be an active member.

Being an active athlete, Were noted that he is curious to learn how best to invest and save for his future.

“I will be part of the program and I trust that it will pay off well. I am one of the active athletes and I believe I will benefit,” Were said.

He also expressed his gratitude to AK for considering athletes and ensuring that they can lead better lives even when they retire.

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“I feel thankful because this is an initiative that has been launched and will cater for athletes from all walks of life.

"Back then, we had retired athletes who had not led decent lives after their exit from the sport. Most have encountered challenges and had difficulties addressing their problems.

"However, having this scheme will be very helpful since athletes, both retired and active, will have a backup plan. This is a good path to take because athletes will be guided on the safest ways to invest their funds,” Were said.

Meanwhile, the initiative comprises an endowment fund for veterans and a pension scheme. The endowment fund will cater to the needs of retired athletes who are mired in deplorable living conditions.

The Endowment Fund will be sustained through contributions from the government, private sector, and interested individuals and will be used to assist retired athletes in distress.

The Voluntary Pension Scheme is open to active athletes who are free to contribute any amount, either lump sum or monthly.