Will Shericka Jackson attack the 200m world record this season?

ATHLETICS Will Shericka Jackson attack the 200m world record this season?

Abigael Wafula 18:41 - 27.03.2024

Two-time World 200m champion Shericka Jackson has opened up on plans to shatter the 200m world record this season after narrowly missing out on her goal last season.

Two-time World 200m champion Shericka Jackson has opened up about chances of attacking the 200m world record this season.

The world record currently stands at 21.34 seconds and was set by American Florence Griffith-Joyner at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Jackson is the second fastest woman over the distance and the fastest woman alive and last season, she wanted to attack the record but narrowly missed out on it. However, she insisted that missing the world record did not affect her negatively since it was not a priority for her.

Speaking to Citius Mag, the Jamaican explained that her coach knows best and he will certainly guide her on the best time to attack it but she will not be going to every race with a mindset of breaking the record.

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“Honestly, I remember when I was afraid to say I wanted to break the world but then my coach and I had a conversation and he enlightened me about something.

“The world record was really something we wanted to achieve but I don’t think there was any pressure to say that I didn’t break the world record and I was sad. I was super happy to run 21.40 consistently.

“The world record is on our minds but it’s not something that we are going to dwell on going into every race. Once I’m healthy and definitely in peak form then I am going for it but it’s not that I will attack it in every race. It’s not something I keep in my mind all the time,” Jackson said.

She added that getting into the outdoor season with a positive mindset is one thing she is enjoying and she predicts that good things will certainly happen.

The World 100m silver medallist explained that she is yet to write her goals but she will be keen to win a gold medal in the 200m at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“My mindset is really positive and it’s growing daily and I’m happy and I think that’s one of the pluses for me. Approaching each day with a positive mindset is what is important for me right now.

“Goal setting is very important because it allows you to know that whenever you feel like giving up, things are waiting for you to achieve them.

“Writing down my goals is something I look forward to and I want to achieve all of them. If I miss out on anything I just go back to the drawing board and strategise.

“At the beginning of January, I normally write my goals and because I didn’t go for the World Indoors, I did not write my goals. But after the Boys and Girls Championships, I will write them down and I have the goals in mind,” she said.

On being compared to legendary athletes like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Veronica Campbell, Jackson disclosed that it feels great but she believes there still much she can do to get to their level.

The former World 100m bronze medallist noted that she looks up to Brown and loves her style of running and having to compete with her in the same team is something she never takes for granted.

“I definitely believe I’m a great athlete but there is so much work that needs to be done for me to be even greater. It feels good when I’m sitting somewhere and my name is mentioned among the top runners.

“However, I don’t really dwell on it but I enjoy my moments. I believe that whatever my predecessors have done is much greater and I still have work to do before getting there,” she said.