Woman files restraining order against ex-tennis star over hidden camera filming her naked in apartment

Woman files restraining order against ex-tennis star over hidden camera filming her naked in apartment

Mark Kinyanjui 19:59 - 13.12.2023

The 30-year-old model has filed a restraining order against former tennis player David Naibandian whom she accuses of secretly filming her showering naked in her apartment.

The ex-girlfriend of former tennis star David Nalbandian has filed a restraining order against the Argentine tennis star after she reportedly discovered a hidden camera in her apartment. 

Nalbandian was one of the sport's elite stars in the 2000s, rising to as high as No 3 in the world rankings in 2006, and reaching the 2002 Wimbledon final where he lost to Lleyton Hewitt. 

It was previously reported that he had been accused of secretly filming his model ex-girlfriend, Araceli Torrado, after they split.

Nalbandian allegedly installed the camera behind an air shaft in her apartment, with the 30-year-old model saying he had "enough time" to have footage and images of her naked.

According to The Sun, she has appeared in court to address her complaint, accusing Nalbandian, 41, of harassment and stalking. 

She is also said to have demanded the seizure of the Argentinian's electronic devices.

Torrado reportedly told Argentine media: "Nalbandian filmed me and recorded me for enough time to have footage and images of me naked and other private moments involving me, my family and my friends."

“I feel panic and anxiety at what he could have on his phone or on an application.

"We want a court order for the seizure of his electronic devices.”

Speaking after giving evidence, she also said: “I feel relieved knowing this has become public and the justice system has listened to me.”

An initial court probe was shelved as they had originally shared the home where the camera was installed. However, an appeal court ruled Torrado should be allowed to give evidence after her lawyers lodged an application to overturn the decision.

The camera, controlled by Wi-Fi, was discovered when her brother noticed a glow behind an air shaft and removed the cover back in June - with a video allegedly showing the moment where the discovery was made. 

Nalbandian reportedly told his ex that he hadn't seen anything because of 'internet problems'.

The judicial ruling on Araceli's requests is expected to be announced before Christmas.

Nalbandian won 11 singles tournaments and along with his appearance in the Wimbledon final 21 years ago, he also reached the semi-final at least once in the other three Grand Slams.

After his tennis career he took up rallying, making one appearance in the World Rally Championship.  

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