Cristiano Ronaldo: Slovenian hotel sets eye-watering asking price for bed used by Portugal superstar

Cristiano Ronaldo: Slovenian hotel sets eye-watering asking price for bed used by Portugal superstar

Joel Omotto 12:39 - 03.04.2024

A hotel in Slovenia has decided to capitalise on Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent visit to the country by auctioning a bed he used at a hefty price for willing buyers.

A hotel in Slovenia is asking for at least Ksh700,000 for a bed that was used by Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo during a recent visit.

In a surprising move, the Grand Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has decided to capitalise on Ronaldo's recent visit by auctioning off the bed he slept in during his stay.

Ronaldo, along with the Portugal squad, had graced the Slovenian capital for a friendly match against the country's team on Sunday 26 March, gearing up for the upcoming Euros.

"After such a special and unique event, we wanted to create a memorable experience for all fans," expressed a spokesperson from the hotel, as per the Dailymail.

"Since we don't know when we'll have the chance to host Ronaldo in Slovenia again, we've decided to auction the bed he slept in. We wish everyone luck and success in participating in this event."

The starting bid for the bed, which comes with a unique piece of football history, is set at €5,000 (Ksh705,806). To ensure the bed fetches its true value, the hotel has teamed up with media company POP TV for the auction.

However, despite the excitement surrounding the auction, Ronaldo's visit wasn't without its ups and downs.

The Portugal team, under the management of Roberto Martinez, suffered a surprising 2-0 defeat to Slovenia. Goals from Adam Cerin and Timi Elsnik sealed the victory for the Slovenian team, marking Portugal's first loss under Martinez's reign.

Ronaldo's frustration was palpable as he visibly expressed his dissatisfaction with some refereeing decisions during the match. His post-match demeanor suggested disappointment, evident as he promptly exited the pitch at the final whistle.

The Portugal captain has since returned to club duties with Saudi Arabia giants Al Nassr and scored a hat-trick while providing two assists as they thrashed Abha 8-0 in a Saudi Pro League clash on Tuesday.

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